When it comes to fan theories about 13 Reasons Why, there are a lot of them. While a number of them make total sense, others can be a total stretch. That’s why we’re digging into some of the craziest ones and debunking them once and for all. Even though there are some facts and valid points behind them, these theories about the Netflix drama just don’t add up. Now let’s get into it!

Theory: Tony is a ghost.

Fine, at first thought, it makes sense. Tony acts as a guide for Clay throughout the whole season, but let’s be real – Tony has too many interactions with everyone for him to not be physically there IRL. Plus, he’s got a boyfriend. Ghosts don’t date!

tony 13rw

Actor Christian Navarro (AKA Tony) himself even confirmed that it’s fake, saying, “There was a big [theory] that was like, Tony’s a ghost. And I was like ‘Watch the show, man. There’s no way. I interact with everybody; Tony’s a real guy.’ That one was a little bit of a stretch to me. Sometimes these fan theories are incredibly impressive and ahead of the curve and shock me, but that was not one of them. It would be amazing, but no.”

Theory: Alex didn’t shoot himself.

Some people think that Tyler was actually the one to shoot Alex, but framed it to seem like Alex harmed himself. However – there is a little sign that leads us to believe this theory is false. Remember how Tyler has all those pictures hanging up of people involved in Hannah’s suicide? Well, he took Alex’s photo down in the last episode, which could symbolize the fact that he doesn’t deserve to be wronged. Plus, let us not forget how it was at that moment when they showed a flashback of Alex sticking up for Tyler when he was being bullied. Would he really shoot Alex? It just doesn’t add up.

alex photo 13rw

We don’t know the truth to this quite yet, but all will be revealed in Season 2.

Theory: Mr. Poter is going to get rid of his tape.

Sure, go for it, man. But now that Hannah Baker’s parents have the digital copy, destroying the original isn’t going to do anything. Sorry!

mr porter 13 reasons why

So he may try, but he for sure won’t succeed with this one.

Theory: Alex wasn’t the one in the ambulance scene.

Fans are claiming that if you look closely at the gunshot victim in the ambulance, it’s someone with brown hair. Yet, Alex has bleach blonde hair. But still, how could it be someone else when Alex is the only one who isn’t in the final episode? Besides, the principal tells Mr. Porter in the last episode specifically, “Alex Standall shot himself in the head last night. He’s in critical condition at Mercy.” Can’t really argue with that information.

principal 13rw

So there you have it. Reading fan theories is fun and all, but we’ll just all have to keep watching when the new episodes arrive to see what really goes down.

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