It’s officially spooky season! Celebrities have already started to post photos of their Halloween costumes for 2023, and we’re collecting all of the best looks so far. Keep reading to see some of the best celebrity Halloween looks!

So far, Hailey Bieber has kickstarted the Halloween celeb costume game, with two looks she posted to Instagram on October 18. One look includes a sexy vampire costume, with bloody makeup to match, while the other shows Hailey dressed as Rachel Green, a.k.a. Jennifer Anniston‘s character in Friends.

Another celebrity who has shared her love of Halloween so far, is Vanessa Hudgens. The HSM alum completely switched the look of her Instagram page starting in September, with spooky, black and white photos just for Halloween!

“I started decorating at the end of August and got out all of the fall scented candles,” she told Allure in September 2023. “Obviously, Halloween movies come on constantly. And then the wardrobe changes. I literally got dressed this morning, and was like, ‘It’s time to start wearing all black. It’s time. I just love the whole energy of the season, the sights, the sounds, and the smells. Oh, and then my Halloween playlist goes on, which is pretty aggressive techno.”

So far, she’s only shared one photo of herself wearing a witch hat, but we’re sure when she does finally post pics of her costumes, they’ll be as iconic as years past, which includes a black widow spider, an elf, catwoman, a ballerina and a literal raven. She even starred in a Halloween short film by Crypt TV called Eli Roth’s Haunted House Trick-VR-Treat, where she dressed as multiple different scary characters.

“I do everything Halloween, everything! It’s my favorite holiday, so I start celebrating … I mean, I was going to say October 1, but it happens end of September,” the actress explained to Extra in October 2018. “I love it! It’s my favorite holiday. It’s my favorite time of year. … For me it’s not necessarily about the costume per se, it’s more about celebrating all month long.”

Click through our gallery to uncover the best celebrity Halloween costumes so far.

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