Addison Rae lives lavishly! After moving from Louisiana since her rise to fame, Addison traded her parents’ home with her Los Angeles mansion.

The young star has dipped her toes into many projects since being projected into fame from TikTok stardom. She starred in Netflix’s He’s All That, launched a music career and was named the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes in August 2020.

While filming for her starring role in He’s All That, the TikTok star told Elle Magazine the process behind her first-ever acting role. “I was in acting classes probably three times a week, and doing personal coaching over Zoom as well as script analysis. [I tried to find] things I could relate to in my life and how I felt in that moment,” she explained.

Addison revealed her journey from small town girl to big Hollywood star. “Coming from a small town… I feel like a lot of people don’t normally hear someone say they want to go to Hollywood and be an actress. That’s not a very common thing. Or maybe it is something that people say, but don’t really get the chance to do. I felt like it was unattainable at the time. So I thought, my way in is to go study journalism, and I can be on TV still, but in a way where I could get a degree and then make it in a little more traditional [way]. Then I got super lucky with TikTok, and was so blessed with the chance to move to L.A.”

Blessed indeed! The social media star has a lot of exciting projects underway and continues to work on growing her music career and makeup line, ITEM Beauty.

“Hopefully,’ll be doing more films within the next few years and continuing to do music and growing my makeup line,” Addison explained to Elle. “All of these things are a big part of who I am. I’m super excited to continue growing and to find myself in this industry and do all the things I’m passionate about. So as long as I’m doing that, I’m super happy.”

Scroll through our gallery to peek at Addison’s gorgeous home in L.A.

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