She’s more than just a TikTok star! Addison Rae may have gotten her start on social media, but she’s since become a major star. Keep reading for all the details about her net worth and how she makes money. 

What Is Addison Rae’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Louisiana native is worth an estimated $20 million.

How Did Addison Rae Become Famous?

After trying her hand at college, Addison started posting videos on TikTok. When her content started to blow up, the budding actress and her family moved to Los Angeles where she became a total star.

“I grew up in Louisiana. I’m just a girl from Lafayette and I was never really used to the, I guess the amount of attention, especially now that I’ve been getting,” the He’s All That actress explained to Zane Lowe on Apple Music in March 2021. “And so people really do try to control the narrative. Which is so wild to experience because I feel like I’ve seen it happen and you hear stories about it and things like that, but experiencing that firsthand is so crazy. But luckily social media I feel like has given so many people a voice to kind of make their own narrative in a way.”

How Does Addison Rae Make Money?

Other than posting videos on TikTok — which definitely brings in a large paycheck — Addison has kicked off an acting career, released music and launched her own makeup line.

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