The ultimate “It Girl” is becoming a summer queen as well! Alix Earle is taking over the internet one TikTok at a time, however, she’s also jet-setting around the world and looking good while doing it. By now, it’s no secret that she loves to rock a two-piece swimsuit whenever the weather permits, and she boosts her summer vibes even more by staying active!

“It often feels like there’s not enough time in the day, but I never regret getting some physical activity in,” she gushed to E! News in March 2023 . “I tell myself all I have to do is get myself to the gym and then once I’m there I feel more motivated to workout. When I don’t have time to go to the gym or a class, I love something as simple as taking a walk around my neighborhood.”

In terms of her actual workout routine, fans have watched her hit the gym with fellow TikTok star Jake Shane (OctopussLover8), but what she does at the gym depends on her overall mood.

“My routine often depends on what I’m feeling that day, but I usually start off with 12-3-30 on the treadmill and then go from there,” Alix shared. “I also love Pilates classes or even following a few YouTube videos to target certain areas, my favorite being booty and abs!”

While she loves to sweat, Alix noted that going to the gym also helps with her mental health.

“No matter what I have going on I need to move my body so I always find a way to incorporate that,” she added during the E! News interview. “Having time to myself where I can collect my thoughts and journal really helps me get in a good headspace.”

The down-to-Earth internet personality knows the importance of time to herself, and keeping things out of the public eye — even if she is going to continue posting photos from her amazing vacations. Alix even said that “staying true to yourself” is her biggest social media advice, while chatting with  Rolling Stone in April 2023.

“When I started off on social media, people were definitely judging me, and you just have to go with your gut and go with what you love, and you just really can’t care what other people think,” she added.

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