A big family! Alix Earle may have found TikTok success all on her own, but the internet star has a major family who has supported her along the way.

“We definitely have a very modern family,” Alix told Elle in August 2023 about her home life. “It’s normal for me to have my dad, my mom, and my stepmom all going on the same trips.”

Keep reading for everything to know about her parents siblings and more. 

Who Are Alix Earle’s Parents?

Alix’s dad, Thomas “TJ” Earle, owns a successful construction business. He was married to her mom, Alisa Earle, before they got divorced. He has since remarried Ashley Earle (née Dupré), who is Alix’s stepmom. There is no bad blood between the family, however. On multiple occasions, Alix has spoken about the relationship she has with her stepmother.

“[We’re] super close, and we’ve gotten to such a good point. Whatever’s happened in the past, we’ve all gotten past it as a family,” Alix told Elle of Ashley. “One time, I was overwhelmed about something of mine and I called my dad. He was like, ‘You should really talk to Ashley about this. She has dealt with this before, stuff in the media.’ It’s brought us closer because she’s able to guide me through it.”

Alix Earle Comes From a Big Family: TikTok Star's Parents, Siblings, More
Ashley Earle/Instagram

Alix revealed that her stepmom reminded her, “Life goes on. Not everything is as crazy as it feels in the moment. People get past things.”

Does Alix Earle Have Siblings?

Alix is older than her sister, Ashtin Earle, who has also become somewhat of a social media star. She also has three half-siblings, Izabel Earle, Penelope Earle and Thomas James Earle II.

While her family members often make appearances in her TikTok videos, there are some things that Alix keeps out of the public eye.

“I mean, I share a lot. Obviously, conversations with my friends and in relationships, and with my family, all of that’s private,” the influencer told Elle in the same interview. “But I kind of give the brief overview of everything. I don’t think there’s anything specific that I try to stay away from.”

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