Are Brianna Chickenfry and Grace O’Malley still friends or is everything I know about friendship fake? If you are as chronically online as I am, chances are you’re acquainted with the TikTok personalities of Barstool, namely Brianna and her BFF Grace. You know, the girl romantically linked with Zach Bryan and the fiery-haired comedian with that unmistakable Boston twang. Together, they host the “PlanBri Uncut” podcast, where they mainly hang out and share plenty of laughs, effectively becoming everyone’s favorite relationship gurus.

However, fans of Brianna and Grace have been sensing some tension in their friendship lately. TikTok stars having drama? Hard to believe, right? Well, it all started with an awkward comment from Bri, followed by subtle hints of tension on their podcast and finally, an honest explanation of what’s been brewing between them. Luckily for you, I’m well-versed in TikTok drama and ready to dissect this chaotic situation. So, are Brianna Chickenfry and Grace still on good terms? Or has there been a rift between them? Let’s find out.

Are Brianna Chickenfry And Grace O’Malley Still Friends?

It all began after Bri dropped a bombshell on her fans: she’s contemplating reviving a solo podcast. Quite the eyebrow-raiser when you’re already killing it with your BFF on air. Anyways, she has this idea brewing for a TheraBri podcast or series, where she dishes out advice to her followers.

“I love what me and Grace do, but I also feel like I’m craving the… in-depth conversations about things I care about,” Bri said at the time.

Then, in the latest episode of PlanBri, “The Truth About Our Friendship,” the childhood friends got real with their followers after weeks of denying of any drama.

Grace shared that they’ve been having “a little bit of a tiff lately,” revealing, “things have been changing between the both of us and we weren’t fully communicating how we felt to each other.”

“We kind of just have different interests,” Bri chimed in, pointing out that she hates New York and Grace loves it.

Grace continued, “We just weren’t wanting the same exact things like we always wanted.” That led to “built-up resentment” between them, but in the end, they realized they still wanna be BFFs and go back to normal.

Brianna Chickenfry and Grace Address Rift Rumors

Both influencers called out the rumors about their rift on the pod, calling it “weird.”

“It’s “f—ked that [people] tried to pin us against each other,” Grace said. “Even if you were on my team with this s–t, you’re still causing a divide because there was no teams, it was just us having a hard time.”

“We’re separate people and when I see Grace doing anything, I support everything that she does,” Brianna added. “Grace isn’t mad or angry if I want to do something myself, she’s like ‘Do that.’ ”

In the end, both cohosts agreed that this was “a very rare case” for their friendship and wanted to clear the air for fans to show that “friends [can] have hard times.”

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