Talk about a hard launch! Claim to Fame season 2 stars Hugo Wentzel and Olivia Aquilina revealed they were dating after being eliminated from the ABC series.

“It’s amazing,” Hugo revealed to People in August 2023. “Olivia’s the best. I literally love Olivia. It’s crazy I got to meet them on that show.”

Keep reading for details on their relationship, their celebrity relatives and more. 

Are ‘Claim to Fame’ Stars Hugo and Olivia Dating?

Yes, the duo announced their relationship after leaving the show.

“After [the show] we linked up and it’s just been great,” Hugo also shared in his People interview. “A big part of the show was just finding all these different people, different interests, different life stories, different backgrounds, different personalities, and then by the end, I just felt like we were literally a family.”

Hugo Olivia Claim to Fame
Olivia Aquilina/ Instagram

The couple shared sweet photos of their love on Instagram after going public.

“Americas favorites @claimtofameabc,” the social media caption read. “Mom and Dad. Like if we should do more shows!!”

Who Is Hugo Wentzel’s Celebrity Relative?

Hugo was eliminated from Claim to Fame season 2 after it was revealed that he’s the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter.

“He was all about everyone being equal, just trying to love everyone as much you can, just keeping people close,” Hugo told People of his grandfather, reflecting on his own elimination speech. “Part of my goal during the speech was to represent that and just talk about how much I love every single person.”

Who Is Olivia Aquilina’s Celebrity Relative?

When Olivia was eliminated, it was revealed that her celebrity relative is Jenny McCarthy. They are the actress’ niece.

“She was fully supportive,” Olivia told TV Insider in August 2023 about her aunt. “It was really nice. I’m not a big person to be on TV or anything. I’ve never reached out to her to do anything like that, so if anything, she was more encouraging because I was more so asking her opinion if I should do it or not. She was just really supportive and really nice about it, so it was nice to have that support.”

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