Jung Kook and Jack Harlow might have just released one of the most powerful collabs of 2023, but are the two pop star friends actually friends? Keep reading to see details inside their relationship, collaboration and more.

Are Jung Kook and Jack Harlow Friends?

Jung Kook and Jack are definitely in the early stage of friendship, as the first time they had ever met was for the music video for “3D”!

“It was my first time seeing him,” Jung Kook explained during an interview with The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1, “and I got to play chess with him because it was there as a prop for the music video.”

While Jung Kook ultimately won the chess match, the K-pop star admitted that he definitely couldn’t take Jack in one-on-one basketball. “He’s actually tall, taller than me.”

Of the collab, Jung Kook explained Jack came to mind immediately while creating the track. “I just try to think as soon as possible, and I just try to think of someone that would be the perfect fit.”

“He’s a great artist that I like and have followed for a while. I had a lot of fun working with him. His voice fit ‘3D’ perfectly and really added to the sensual vibe of the song.”

Jung Kook, Jack Harlow 2023 Collab ‘3D’ Song Details

The K-pop star and American rapper released a 2000s nostalgic, R&B track titled “3D” on September 29, 2023.

“‘3D’ is a song that will draw you in before you know it,” Jung Kook shared in a statement. “I thought it was a really fun song when I first heard it. I’m ready to show a different side of myself that I hadn’t shown with ‘Seven.’”

The producers behind “3D” include BloodPop, who has worked with huge names such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, along with David Stewart, who produced BTS’ 2020 track, “Dynamite.”

ICYMI, Jung Kook made his solo debut with his July 2023 single “Seven” featuring rapper Latto, which broke record after record.

“I felt a bit of pressure having received so much love with ‘Seven,’ but it also gave me a big boost of courage to take on a new challenge,” Jung Kook added. “I’ll keep working hard to continue to share great music in the future.

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