Riverdale is a show we are all oh so thankful for, especially since that means we get weekly doses of Archie Andrews on our screens. KJ Apa — the 21-year-old New Zealand cutie who brings Archie to life on The CW series — has stolen hearts everywhere with his role as the redhead with a heart of gold, who also happens to be on the football team and beautifully play the guitar. A true bae.

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Archie didn’t really have the best of luck in his dating life in Season 1, since you know, he dated his teacher, was an all-around wompy boyfriend to Val, and broke Betty’s heart early on before she and Jughead struck up the sweetest romance. But by the end of the season, he found his way to Veronica and now that we’re in Season 3 of the show, it’s clear this ship is in it for the long haul. So what about the actor himself? Is KJ in love? Is he dating one of his co-stars? We’re here breaking it all down.

Does KJ have a girlfriend?

So what exactly is the status of his love life? He’s currently single at the moment, and has actually never really had a serious girlfriend. We kid you not! He told Cosmo he’s just been rather busy and simply waiting for the right person to come around.

“I think I’m just waiting for the right time, right girl. I’m pretty busy at the moment. I don’t know how much I have to offer to someone right now,” KJ said. Fair enough! And while appearing on Am to DM, he spoke about how he really didn’t ever date while he was in high school because he was well, busy with work then too.

“I was working a lot in my last years of high school so I was going to and from work and school. And I kind of had no life in school,” KJ said. “I never hung out with girls, I went to an all-boys school and there were only girls the last two years. So I remember sitting next to girls in class for the very first time and being able to smell them, it was crazy being in class with girls for the first time! [I remember] they smelt like baby powder.”

LOL, can you just imagine KJ sitting there in a co-ed class for the first time? And while he might not have dated much back in the day, now, he has gone out on plenty of dates. He told a story to Cosmo of how one time in Vancouver, he just went up to a girl he thought was beautiful and they ended up going out on a few dates.

“I was with my best friend and he was like, ‘Bro, look at that girl,’ and I looked over and she stopped me in my tracks,” KJ said. “Halfway home I’m like, ‘Should I do it?’ I said hi, introduced myself. I was talking to her for about 15 minutes and I asked if we could grab a coffee or something.”

He ended up getting her number, texting her for a week, and they went on two dates before things fizzled out.

“It was really cool, really sick, had a great time. But didn’t really feel it,” he added. He did have a bit of an embarrassing moment on a date once though, which he revealed during a game of Truth or Dare with his co-stars.

“Every now and then I’ll go out on a little date,” he joked. “I eat pretty fast and I remember one of the first dates I ever went on I forgot you need to slow down and I finished my meal in like two minutes and she was like, ‘Oh.'” Hey, it happens! But KJ did tell Seventeen he’s 100% open to finding love now, feeling more ready than ever basically.

“I’ve changed for sure. But that’s all I really want to say. Well, that, and I’m really happy. The thing is, I don’t think it matters whether you’re looking for a relationship or not —it’s not for us to decide when we meet the love of our lives,” KJ said. Hmm, perhaps maybe he has found a special someone after all?! There isn’t much proof out there yet, but it’s nice to know his heart is open for something.

Are Lili Reinhart and KJ dating?

When it comes to this cast, there have been plenty of rumors swirling about which Riverdale co-stars are an item IRL. This most likely stems from the fact that they’re all not only ridiculously good-looking, but they have fire chemistry with one another and hang out a ton off-screen. While there might’ve been speculation when the show first started airing that KJ and Lili — the Betty to his Archie — were an item, Lili is actually dating their other co-star, Cole Sprouse. But when fans had first started to wonder if Lili and KJ are together, the 22-year-old actress took to her Tumblr to shut down this rumor.

“It’s horrifying how invested some people are in my love life,” Lili wrote. “Emphasis on ‘my.’ It is mine. It is private. If a stranger’s love life is causing you anger, frustration or anxiety… please reevaluate your priorities. I also want to point out that there is a difference between shipping Betty and other characters, and shipping me with literally everyone I make eye contact with. There are so many other things to focus your attention and energy on.”

We hear you girl, loud and clear. So there’s nothing but friendship here between Lili and KJ.

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Are Camila Mendes and KJ dating?

Since KJ and Cami’s characters are hot and heavy on Riverdale, naturally fans wanted to know if this love translated off-screen too. But alas, they aren’t together either, despite all the cuteness they give us IRL.

kj apa and camila mendes

Camila is actually dating Charles Melton, another one of their Riverdale co-stars and  KJ has even referred to Cami as his “brother from another mother” on Instagram in the past LOL. So yeah, nothing but friendship here between these two, despite the fact that their characters are oh so in love on the show.

Who is KJ’s crush?

He shared to Cosmo that the queen that is Jennifer Aniston is his ultimate celeb crush, and Kate Hudson he finds “hot” too. Another queen, so clearly he knows how to pick the best of the best out here. And when it comes to what he likes to do with his crushes, well, looks like a romantic movie is a solid date night idea.

“Whenever I watch movies, it’s romcoms. If you looked at my Netflix history, that’s the only thing you’d see. They make me forget about everything else that’s going on. My favorite is Four Christmases — I’ll absolutely watch that when it’s not even Christmas,” he said to Cosmo. Precious, truly.

Will KJ ever go public with a girlfriend?

Well, it’s a bit early to tell but he did share in an interview that he doesn’t really want to divulge too much about his personal life.

“I try and keep that as [quiet] as possible, as private as I can,” KJ said. Time will tell. He does seem to be having better luck in the love department though, now that he spends more time in the US.

“Guys in the States are a lot more confident than guys in New Zealand. There, if you go out with your mates, you all hang with one another because you’re too scared to talk to the girls. Being in the US has made me way more confident. Also, having a New Zealand accent increases your chances by like 50 percent,” he told Cosmo. Very true words right there. And if you need another reason to totally swoon over the actor, there are already a few girls who really have the key to his heart that he loves to brag about: his mom and two sisters, one of which lives with him now, and he’s never shy about showing love for his family on social media.

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And at least we can see him being all cute with Veronica on Riverdale though, right?

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