Everyone’s been waiting on edge to have all their lingering questions answered after that Riverdale Season 2 finale and we know Season 3 is for sure happening, so time to start counting down. The CW renewed the series — obviously! — and now we just have to wait a few more days for Archie, Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and the whole crew to come back into our lives.

When does Riverdale Season 3 start?

We have an answer! Tonight, Oct. 10 is when the new episodes start airing.


And if you aren’t already obsessed with series based on the beloved Archie Comics characters, then it’s about time to grab a burger and a milkshake and start binging because we guarantee as soon as you start watching, you’ll be hooked. You can binge watch the first and second seasons on Netflix as you prepare for the next batch of episodes coming in the fall. And our first full look at the season is here and it’s already WILD. Check it out:


OK, so we now have so many questions after seeing this trailer! Archie with a Serpent tattoo on his arm? FP and Alice together? Is Betty OK? And what is going on with Juniper and Dagwood? (Still not over those names, but like hope the babies are okay over there with Polly and Alice.) Luckily, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke to ET to spill all the tea on what we can expect. In regards to Archie’s sudden Serpent tattoo, it’s more of a sign of Archie and Jughead’s friendship.

“You know, it’s not what the fans think — actually I’m not sure what they think. It’s a protection that Jughead can extend to his friend, and that’s the origins of that tattoo,” Roberto explained.

So. Much. Is. Happening. There aren’t a ton of plot details out just yet, but we do know Archie was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit at the end of Season 2 and that’s going to play a huge role in S3.

“We start off with Archie on trial for the murder of Cassidy Bullock, and he didn’t kill him obviously because we saw Andre, Veronica’s chauffeur, kill him,” KJ Apa explained to Seventeen. “So we start off [the season] in court. It’s a hot, sweaty courtroom. It’s the hottest summer Riverdale has ever seen, so we’re using the elements of Vancouver to our advantage. For Archie that’s definitely the meat for it for the first episode and we’ll see if he goes [to jail] or not.” KJ has described the season as “dangerous” and “dark,” and now we’re just over here already freaking out about what’s in store.

Is there going to be drama with the core ships this season?

As always, there will be, especially for the Archie and Veronica as Arch is dealing with this whole possible prison situation. So yeah, there’s some trouble in paradise.

“I think the chance of him going to jail for however many years, his relationship with everyone is gonna get kind of gnarly because he’s not going to be able to see anyone. There’s a confrontation between the two of them where she wants to visit him in prison and he doesn’t want her to do that just because that environment isn’t best suited for someone like Veronica. Also, because of the distance, it might shake things up,” KJ continued. 

Of course, we have to bring up that core love triangle between Archie, V, and B that was such a staple in the comics. As Roberto explained, it will always be lingering throughout the series.

“I don’t think that love triangle is ever completely settled. It’s a long journey — these kids are still in high school. We hope this is a long journey on the show,” he said at the Television Critics Association press tour. He also made sure to remind fans that while your fave ships might go through some ups and downs each season, it’s not something he and the writers of the show sit around deciding how to end these ships. And one pair that’s going strong is our beloved Bughead.

“On some level, I can say that we never, in the writers’ room, say, ‘OK, today we’re going to break up so and so,'” he explained. “We follow the story and the story tells us a little bit. And we kind of follow that. But right now, I think they’re pretty [solid] — especially Bughead. Bughead is pretty solid.”

Now that is good to know! Things are getting intense for all the couples, including Veronica and Archie too and as we saw in the season trailer, V goes ahead and says she and Arch are “endgame,” which Roberto shed some light on.

“Veronica is the type of character who says what she believes and says what’s on her mind. She says it, usually, emphatically and she believes that. She fights for that and for them really, really passionately and I thought that with all the problems that we were going to be throwing at her and Archie, I thought that Varchie might be sacrificed early in the season, but their passion has proved very resilient,” Roberto explained. “So you can tell Varchie fans that they are fighting to stay together and if the ship does goes down, they will go down fighting because these two are crazy about each other and they just won’t let go of each other.”

OUR HEARTS. Oh, and in case you were wondering, KJ has been busy getting his work out to play this new, might be heading to jail verision of Archie.

The actor revealed to ET Online that during the first seven episodes of the season so far, Archie has at least one shirtless scene, so there’s that to look forward to. 

Now, what’s in store for our beloved Kevin Keller? Casey Cott explained in an interview with Hidden Remote that Kevin is seeing someone, but it’s a complicated romance, which poor guy seems to always find himself in.

“Kevin, romantically, has a boyfriend who’s not quite out of the closet so that’s confusing and dark in its own way. Kevin’s romantic endeavors are always so drowsy, so other than that I think the most exciting part is moving in with [Josie],” Casey said.

Oh yeah, did we mention that Kevin and Josie are now living together, since his dad and her mom are totally in love? That’s going to make things pretty interesting, that’s for sure.

Is everyone coming back for Season 3? 

Yes, all your fave stars will be reprising their roles. Fan faves Charles Melton and Vanessa Morgan are confirmed to be bumped up to season regulars this time around too, which means more Reggie and Toni are coming.

“Toni Topaz has been a break-out character for us since Jughead met her at Southside High — and that’s thanks to Vanessa Morgan’s fearless, winning performance,” executive producer and Roberto told TV Insider. “[Reggie] is sexy and funny as hell. He’s a terrific addition to the gang and in Season 3, we’ll be seeing A LOT more of him. All hail Mantle the Magnificent!” And we’re going to be treated to more scenes between some of your fave characters who might’ve not had a lot of screen-time together before.

“KJ and I actually have some cool stuff together, which has been really fun. Really difficult to shoot a serious scene with,” Casey said to ET with KJ chiming in, “The most impossible scenes to shoot, because we can’t stop laughing.” OK, now we really can’t wait to see what went down in these scenes!

As for Jughead, Cole Sprouse during a reddit AMA promised fans he’s going to be getting back to his roots and will be doing something he hasn’t really gotten around to doing much: eating.

“Jughead is eating all the time now. Consistently snacking. In Episode 1 of this season, it’s practically every scene. I think of Jughead’s eating as a nice little homage to the digests, while also being ‘food for thought,’ eating in order to think clearly,” he explained.

Are there new characters joining the show?

You bet, and they’re going to be good ones, we already know. Roberto confirmed that Jughead’s mom Gladys and his little sister Jellybean will finally make their appearances and they’re going to be played by actresses Gina Gershon and Trinity Likins, respectively. Although we won’t meet them until the episode airs in December. And since we already know that Alice and FP have rekindled their romance from their teenage years, that’s going to stir up some trouble. Plus, we’re finally going to get to meet Reggie’s dad, who we’ve already gotten a sneak peek of thanks to a Riverdale parents pic Mädchen Amick, Alice Cooper herself, shared on Instagram.

Plus, actress Riley Keough —who happens to be legendary musician Elvis Presley’s granddaughter — will be joining the cast as Laurie Lake, a character from the Archie Comics. Her character is described as an “all-American farm girl” and according to Vulture, she takes in Archie and Jughead after they wander onto her property for shelter. Very interesting.

There will be more special episodes to look forward to this season. Like last season’s Carrie the Musical episode, we’ll be getting another musical episode. Roberto said to TVLine it will once again be based around another theater production the crew performs at Riverdale High, but it’s unclear which show they’ll be doing yet.

“We have a lot of shows we’ve been talking about. There are a couple musicals we’ve been circling,” Roberto said. There will also be a flashback episode this season that Roberto spoke about where the kids will be playing their parents. So Lili Reinhart will be playing a teenage Alice, KJ will be a young Fred, Cole will be a young FP, etc. And that is going to be a treat! Mark Consuelos’ son Michael Consuelos will even be playing the young version of Hiram Lodge. And KJ has nothing but great things to say about wokring with Michael.

“That kid looks so much like his dad, and sounds like so much like his dad, there were so many times I thought [Mark] was on set, but I looked over and it was Michael,” KJ told ET Online. “He killed it. It was great.” In case you were wondering, KJ did have to dye his hair dark to play a young Fred, so his hair is really going through it this season.

“I had to have his hair, as close as I could, in the throwback episode, which was pretty cool — it was slicked back. But they needed it a little higher as well. It was a little too flat,” he said.

During Cole’s reddit AMA, he teased a little bit of what fans can expect to see from him in the flashback episode.

“Without spoiling too much I can say, the characters in the flashback are younger, different versions of their older Riverdale counterparts. That gave us a lot of freedom, and also meant we weren’t simply copying performance from the older actors. I was  satisfied by simply burying character quirks of FP into the performance, stance or physical acting, details like FP always chewing gum, etc. Don’t want to beat ’em over the head with a hamfisted attempt at mimicry,” Cole explained.

Who is the Big Bad of Season 3?

From the Sugar Man to the Black Hood, this town has seen its far share of scary dudes trying to make life very unsettling in this town. And this season, we have The Gargoyle King.

“This season on Riverdale, a mysterious Dungeons and Dragons-like game has surfaced in the town and it’s called ‘Griffins and Gargoyles.’ The parents of Riverdale are terrified of it because the game is affecting their children. One of our central mysteries starts when the bodies of two students are found in the woods and it’s discovered that they were playing Griffins and Gargoyles and that the main villain of the game — the Gargoyle King — may also be stalking the streets of Riverdale,” Roberto explained.

OMG, this season is going to be wild, that’s for sure. 

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