After Riverdale premiered in 2017, it quickly became one of the most popular shows ever. The whole world practically fell in love with the CW series, and one of the main reasons that we all can’t stop watching it is probably because of the amazing characters, right? All of them are so different, and that’s what makes the show so special. Whether it’s Betty, Veronica, Josie, or Cheryl, everyone can relate to one of them and what they’re going through. Camila Mendes just opened up to Lady Gunn Magazine about the show’s diversity, and she wants everyone to know just how important that it is to her.

“I know there are a lot of Latino fans that feel represented with me. And a lot of people from LGBTQ community who feel represented in Kevin, and people in the black community feel represented by Ashleigh,” the actress explained. “It’s nice that everyone can feel represented and have someone to be there and add another flavor, another color to the story. I think that’s very important.”

And Camila is especially honored that the fans have connected with her character. “The fact that Veronica’s Latina was something that I thought was a very positive change to make,” she continued. “Also, the fact that it’s a Latinx family is very important because we’re being portrayed in a way that not all Latinx characters get to be portrayed. They’re powerful and sophisticated, and I think that’s not something you see a lot in the media.”

Veronica Lodge

Everyone knows that the 24-year-old’s character in Riverdale is a total boss. Veronica is an independent, Latina woman that constantly radiates confidence. And in real life, the actress is just as strong. “I’m very comfortable with how I feel and I’m usually not that afraid to voice how I feel,” she said. “I also feel very confident in my intelligence, the way my dad is, and I like incorporating logic into everything that I do. And I think together that just comes across as being very a confident person.”

The brunette beauty also contributes some of her self-confidence with her honesty. “I’ve always found that being honest is the best thing you can do,” she added. “And usually, honesty translates to confidence. Like when people always say I’m confident it’s like, ‘Am I confident or am I just very honest about what I’m going through?’”

As J-14 readers know, the actress has been super open with her fans — especially regarding her relationship with Charles Melton — and she’s seriously inspiring us all to be confident.

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