Archie and Veronica were ultimate couple goals on Riverdale, so it was pretty heartbreaking to watch them go their separate ways on Season 3 of The CW show. In case you forgot, the couple had to split up because Archie felt it was too dangerous for him to stay in Riverdale. It was a heartbreaking moment, but ever since they split, fans naturally started to wonder who else the characters might date since they’re single now. Will Betty and Archie finally have their shot? Will Veronica and the actress’ real life boyfriend Charles Melton get together in the show? KJ Apa just gave us a major hint on who his character will date next, and it’s honestly pretty shocking.

The 21-year-old told Syfy that Archie will be returning to town soon, but that it’ll be hard for him to re-adjust. “He is kind of just spiraling into a dark kind of place,” he revealed. “But [he] is saved by a person and by music.”

OK, so there’s one person that comes to mind when you mention music in Riverdale, and that’s Josie! Considering she’s an epic singer and songwriter in the show, fans quickly thought the actor might be talking about her. Yeah, it might be hard for you to imagine Josie and Archie as a thing since we’re so used to Varchie, but after we gave it some time to sink in, we’re low-key here for it. Ashleigh Murray, who plays the lead singer of the Pussycats in the hit show, also gave a major clue that she might be getting with Archie later in the season.

“There are things coming up for Josie’s love life,” Ashleigh told Comic Book last month. “Which I am excited about.”

Hmmm, it definitely seems like their relationship may be a possibility! As for Archie’s ex, Camila Mendes already confirmed that things will be heating up between Veronica and Reggie, so it seems like things are truly done for Varchie for the moment.

“I mean I don’t think that’s any secret. Veggie is something that’s been happening in the comics way before Riverdale,” she told Cosmopolitan.

As sad as it makes us to have to say goodbye to Varchie, we’re excited to explore the world of Jarchie. And to see the chemistry between Veronica and Reggie of course, since the actors are madly in love IRL! Naturally, some fans are super excited about the possible couple, while others aren’t that much of a fan. “Archie and Josie are gonna be so soft together and so good for each other I can’t deal with this,” one fan wrote, while another added, “Can you believe Josie is gonna be there to bring light into Archie’s life? While everyone whispers and talks about him, she’s going to be there for him and get back into music. Y’all still don’t stan?”

Some people on the other hand, weren’t as into it. “I’m not on the Josie and Archie train for simple fact we know its just going be a quick thing that they use to put him back with Veronica,” one fan quipped, while another admitted they were too busy shipping Betty and Archie. “Am I the only once who kinda doesn’t want Josie and Arch to be a couple? Like I don’t want Archie to be with anyone but Betty. Like I’ve nothing against them but I just don’t want it. Like just gimme my Barchie!”

There’s still hope for you Varchie shippers though, because according to the executive producer of the show, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, although “we are going to see different pairings when we return,” he doesn’t think it’s the end of Veronica and Archie. “I wouldn’t put the nail in the coffin of Varchie quite just yet,” he told TVLine. It truly seems like it’s going to be an epic and wild season.

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