Riverdale is one of those shows that continues to leave fans utterly shook each week. Every episode delivers when it comes to all the wild twists and turns and drama our favorite characters have to endure and in the latest promo, there’s one scene that already has the fandom buzzing. In the teaser trailer for episode 3×05, “The Great Escape,” we see the redhead with a heart of gold Archie sharing a kiss with Southside Serpent Joaquin. It’s a blink and you miss it moment in the trailer, but IT HAPPENS.

Archie and Joaquin Kiss
The CW

And naturally, everyone is wondering what is going on. Archie is head over heels in love with Veronica and Joaquin, as we know, used to date Kevin, but so far, there hasn’t been much of a romance at all brewing between these characters that we would think they would kiss. Both guys are in juvie together and as we know, Archie is ready to escape and Joaquin is part of the squad joining him on this quest. It’s unclear right now what brings this kiss on, but some fans are frankly not too happy to see this. Same-sex couples are not out of the norm on Riverdale, something that fans have been happy to see, but many feel like other couples like Cheryl and Toni haven’t been given the same amount of love and attention like the Bughead and Varchie pairings.

Now while we don’t know what exactly the show writers have in store for any of the couples, the season is still just getting started, so there’s plenty of time for Choni or even more of Archie exploring his sexuality if that’s what’s next for him.

We really will just have to wait and see how this all plays out once the new episode airs next week, but for now, everyone just keeps to be left with all the questions.


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