Not only does Casey Cott get to play the very first openly gay character in the Archie universe (yay!), but does a heck of a job playing him. With so many layers to his character and one-liners that go down in Riverdale history, Kevin Keller is widely loved in the fandom. And seeing as there are always tons of romantic connections brewing in the show, it’s natural for fans to wonder about the love lives of their fave stars from the show. Casey is super vocal about Kevin’s love life and why playing this role is the biggest joy of his life, but his own personal relationship status is more of a mystery. But don’t worry – we did some digging. But first, let’s start with Kevin.

Who does Casey Cott play in Riverdale?

Casey is best known by his role of Kevin Keller in Riverdale. In an interview, Casey open up about why his character really goes beyond the stereotypical “gay best friend” role that’s seen in so many shows and movies.

“I had a talk with Roberto, our show runner, about this. What’s really cool about Kevin is that it’s clear he is gay and it’s not hidden. It’s recognized but it’s not who he is. He’s an incredibly dense character and I think it’s really important that it’s just a part of him. It’s just not him.”

What has the fan reaction been like to Casey portraying a gay character on screen?

Casey explained to Teen Vogue how much he’s been commended for playing Kevin Keller on screen.

“I think the reaction has been overwhelmingly just amazing, from friends of mine, to fans, to other actors in the industry. I think all the credits for our show, at the end of the day, goes completely to our writers and to our producers, and to our directors. As actors, our art form is fulfilling their vision for the show. Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa, the creator of Riverdale] has just written Kevin to be such a wonderful light, as I said earlier, and such a phenomenal, three-dimensional character. Playing him is such a joy,” he said.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Kevin? That’s why the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive for Casey.

kevin riverdale

Casey added, “It’s important as an actor to understand whatever you do, you’re going to have reactions from all kinds of different people, and be OK with that. With our show, the amount of positive reaction we’ve gotten to each character, and specifically Kevin, has just been amazing. Like I said, this is my favorite character I’ve ever played. I will always love playing the character. It’s the biggest joy of my life right now. I love it more than anything.”

Does Kevin’s Riverdale character get a love interest?

Kevin was very hot and heavy with the Southside Serpent Joaquin DeSantos in Season 1. Joaquin had only been with Kevin as an order from FP Jones to keep track of Kevin’s dad Sheriff Keller – but then, they really did fall in love. Turns out, he has something to do with the cover-up of Jason Blossom’s death, so he fled town. End of that relationship.

In Season 2, Kevin begins to go for late night “runs” through Fox Forest, but he’s actually meeting up with guys there. But his friend Betty gets mad when she finds out, given the fact that Moose Mason and Midge Klump were shot in these same woods.

As Moose, who can be seen as bisexual in the show, says, “Guys like us… in a town like Riverdale. We don’t have a lot of options. So, even if something bad could happen, we go for it. Because what if, for 10 minutes, or maybe even just for 2 minutes, we’re not alone?”

Casey spilled, “I think what’s cool about Kevin in Season 2 is we kind of explore many different kinds of love interests, the same way that high schoolers do. Some are people you just meet, but are quick; sometimes you find a long-lasting relationship. We kind of delved into a few different kinds of relationships in season two. I think a bigger, more long-term relationship is coming for Kevin very soon.”

So what about Season 3? Well, it looks like he’s definitely going to get some action, based on the trailer. Spoiler alert – he kisses Moose!

kevin moose riverdale

The CW

Casey spilled in an interview with Hidden Remote, “Kevin, romantically, has a boyfriend who’s not quite out of the closet so that’s confusing and dark in its own way. Kevin’s romantic endeavors are always so drowsy, so other than that I think the most exciting part is moving in with [Josie].”

Yep, that’s right! Kevin and Josie are going to be living under the same roof, given the fact that their parents are a thing. So in Casey’s opinion, he thinks Josie could be an interesting influence on his love life.

Casey added, “He’s entering a new club so to speak, which is something that I haven’t really seen on TV in this form. I’m really excited for the storyline that they’ve come up with and I hope it’s something that they really dive into because it’s a really wonderful idea.  I know that [series creator] Roberto [Aguirre-Sacasa] has been wanting to do this idea since Season 1, so I’m excited they’re doing it and I’m excited to see what they do.”

Are Casey Cott and Sabrina Carpenter dating?

Despite the fact that Casey played Sabs’ love interest in her “Why” music video, they’re totally just friends. In an interview, Sabrina was asked why she chose him for the video.

casey cott sabrina carpenter

“He’s such a great actor, and I think like especially when we were looking for the person – obviously with music videos, it’s also kind of last minute. Not all all the time, but it was one of those things where it was like, ‘Okay. We’re shooting this in three days, and we don’t have someone.’ And I was such a fan of him because I know he’s such a good actor,” Sabrina said.

Does Casey Cott have a girlfriend?

As a matter of fact, Casey was dating someone when he filmed Sabrina’s “Why” video. She explained in an interview with Zach Sang that they had an instant friendship on set – and despite their chemistry on screen, the vibes weren’t flirty like that IRL.

“He’s got a wonderful girlfriend. We hit it off, first day. He just made everything so easy and comfortable.”

The girl Sabrina was talking about was actress Stephanie Styles, who seems to have dated Casey for a while. It’s unclear whether or not the two are still together, as they haven’t posted together in a while. The last Instas with each other on their accounts were in August of 2017 – so we wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve split. So does this mean Casey is single now? All signs point to yes!

We don’t know who we want to be besties with more, tbh – Casey or Kevin. Can we have both? Yes? K thanks.

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