Fans went wild after Casey Cott‘s character, Kevin Keller, kissed KJ Apa‘s character, Archie Andrews, during Wednesday, April 15’s episode of Riverdale! Now, the actor dished on what it was really lick to lock lips with his costar.

For those who missed it, the characters of the CW show took on the musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and at the end of their production, Kevin planted a big ol’ smooch on Archie! And get this, you guys — it turns out, the kiss wasn’t even planned!

“So that, actually, was not in the script, but it is in the script of Hedwig the musical,” Casey explained to Entertainment Tonight. “There’s a moment where Hedwig is in the audience and just picks an audience member and plants one on them. So we were doing ‘Tear Me Down’ and there was no kiss in the script or anything.”

riverdale hedwig musical

But as surprised as he was, KJ actually loved it!

“So I came through [the audience] and I planted one on [KJ’s] cheek and I had all this lipstick on, so he had lipstick all over his face — and he loved it! And after I went back in on the next take through, I went to plant one on his cheek and he turned his mouth and just laid it right onto me!” the star continued. “So that was a 50/50 kiss — he definitely leaned into it. But after we got it, we went back and we just had so much fun and I was so excited that that happened. It’s kind of a nod to the musical, so I thought that was awesome. [KJ] is totally game and he’s the best. He’s the ultimate improvisor, so he’s hilarious and he’s awesome.”

KJ and Casey’s characters weren’t the only ones who kissed during the episode. Yep, Lili Reinhart‘s character, Betty Cooper, also shook the web when she locked lips with Archie during one scene. Naturally, some fans were pretty excited about it, while others were not so here for the new pairing. Why? Well, Betty is currently dating Cole Sprouse‘s character, Jughead Jones, in the show!

archie betty kiss

“I honestly didn’t think much about it when it happened — as characters are kissing other characters in Riverdale all the time — but I have caught wind that there might be fans who are up in arms about it,” Casey explained about the #Barchie kiss. “But I think Betty and Archie are kind of — I mean, I said it in the first episode — they were supposed to be the endgame, so we’ll see what happens. I’m sure there will be many [relationship] swaps in the remainder of Riverdale before it ends, so I would say whether you’re excited for it or not excited for it, just strap in because I’m sure it will be in your favor any day now.”

After her character came under fire for her actions, Lili took to Twitter to address the smooch.

“Some food for thought — you don’t have to agree or support Betty’s choices, but she’s a young girl. And she’s figuring herself out, just like everyone else in the world. And sometimes people do bad things,” she wrote.

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