The long-awaited flashback episode of Riverdale finally aired and honestly, it was worth the wait and lived up to all the hype. Not only were more secrets about the origins of this mysterious Griffins and Gargoyles game revealed, but we went back to the ’90s and saw the young cast play their characters’ parents. And it honestly was a delight. KJ Apa rocking his natural dark hair to play Fred; Cole Sprouse giving us all the smolders as FP; Lili Reinhart wearing outfits we need in our closets ASAP as a young Alice; it was all truly a time. But there was one scene that had fans’ jaws on the floor and that was between teenage Alice and Penelope where yes, they slapped each other. Yikes.

So without giving away too much, the girls were in the bathroom and their conversation got a bit heated. That’s when Alice slapped Penelope, who was being played by Madelaine Petsch. And it was a MOMENT.

It’s a scene that left fans shook, but it quickly escalated every further when Penelope slapped Alice back and then it turned into a full-on fight.

Okay, now let’s just take a minute to say how both Lili and Madelaine slayed their performances as the young versions of their moms on the show. Naturally, fans were itching for some details on what it was like for the actresses to play out this scene especially since IRL, we know the whole cast is the best of friends and having to hit your friend on camera must be a bit odd. Lili was answering some questions during the episode and revealed that no, they didn’t actually slap each other, as fight scenes are usually fake and it’s all just some convincing acting out here. But the 22-year-old did share that her co-star’s nails scratched her and she did end up hitting Madelaine’s cheek during a take.

Good thing they didn’t get hurt! Their faces are some precious cargo, after all. But now we know what really went on behind-the-scenes of this unforgettable moment.

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