Riverdale fans have their favorite ships… there’s no doubt about that. And one former couple that truly stole hearts and left fans super bummed once they broke up is Kevin Keller and Joaquin DeSantos. Kevin is the sheriff’s song and Joaquin is a Southside Serpent — you know, a total bad boy — so this unlikely pair easily made their way to the top of fave star-crossed lovers list. And their first kiss was nothing short of epic, at least to us watching from our couches.

Rob Raco, the 28-year-old actor with those piercing baby blue eyes who plays the one and only Joaquin, recently shared the hilarious true story of how his first kiss with 26-year-old Casey Cott, our Kevin, really went down. Fans know the guys finally shared a steamy smooch during the episode where many of the characters were at the drive-in movie. That’s where their relationship really starts to take off.

Kevin and Joaquin Riverdale First Kiss
The CW

And while you would think Rob and Casey would be doing all they can to prepare for the scene and make kissing each other a nice experience, they instead decided to eat tuna. Yes, for real.

“So I get this cool new job called Riverdale. They tell me I get to be this beautiful character named Joaquin who has a love interest with their lead, Casey. And I’m like this guy’s cool, we meet. Then comes the kiss scene. This is going to be fun,” Rob explained to Seventeen. “We eat so much tuna before the scene and go hard in for the kiss — we ended up getting it in two takes, I think it looks pretty good — but it was like a bonding moment like, ‘Hey I’m Rob and I can taste your tuna.'”

Can you even imagine? Tuna is one of those foods that well, has a very distinct flavor and smell to it, so these guys definitely weren’t messing around. They both decided to do this to each other and honestly, we don’t expect anything less from this cast! They’re always roasting each other and know how to keep things fun on set that’s for sure. As we know though, by the end of Season 1, Joaquin and Kevin as a couple were dunzo, as Joaquin left town, but now in Season 3, he’s back, reuniting with Archie in jail of all places, and Kevin is now dating Moose. So while it’s unclear if Joaquin and Kevin will give their love story another shot, at least we have all their cute moments from the early episodes to look back on. And now we know what was really happening behind-the-scenes of their big smooch.

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