If you’re a Riverdale fan, then you already know the cast is super close IRL, and they’re not afraid to joke around with each other and totally roast each other. For Cole Sprouse, this is something he and his twin brother Dylan often do, and well, they came for KJ Apa and it’s honestly one of the best things you’ll see all day.

It all went down when the 21-year-old actor took to Instagram to share a throwback school picture of himself and he honestly looks beyond adorable. “The real KJ Apa. Ps: Up the Crown 👑. if you know u know,” he wrote in the caption.

That’s when the 26-year-old Sprouse bros chimed in, sharing their own commentary. ” Should kept the teeth bro,” Dyl wrote with Cole writing, “You look like you ate ice cream teeth first.”

Dylan Cole KJ IG Comment

Such savages, in the most loving way of course. And hey, KJ and his teeth were super cute if you ask us! But then, think got taken up a notch when baby KJ’s head was put on adult KJ’s body, per Dylan’s request.

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ffs this is getting out of control

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Dylan’s wish was KJ’s command and now we have this photo that we will never be able to unsee. It’s that amazing. Dylan was impressed at how quickly this pic came to be too. “I’m amazed at how fast you pushed this edit out,” Dylan wrote.

Dylan KJ Instagram Comments


And Cole came back with the famous line of “haters will say it’s Photoshop.”

Cole IG Comment

Honestly, this entire exchange between the guys is something we never knew we needed in our lives and while Cole is the only Sprouse on the show, it’s nice to know his brother really has bonded with his castmates too. They really all are one big family and we’ll just be here in a puddle of feels all day thinking about it. And laughing at these pics because they are truly gold.

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