Riverdale Season 3 is finally upon us, which means everyone’s wondering: Does Archie go to jail? You see, we left off in Season 2 with Archiekins getting arrested for murder. As it’s happening, Hiram Lodge watches from afar, looking quite suspicious.

So as the season premiere kicked off, fans were all dying to know if their precious Archie will spend time behind bars (all thanks to Hiram framing him) – or if he’ll be off the hook. So what’s the verdict? Well — SPOILER ALERT — in Episode 1 of the third season, Archie pleads guilty (even though he actually didn’t do it), and heads off to jail.

Archie’s friends and family were quite understandably stunned when he falsely admitted to the murder. His GF Veronica wept as he was taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs, heading off to juvie. His father, Fred Andrews, promised they’ll get him out of there – as he watched his son being taken away. To make matters worse, Hiram admits to Veronica that he did all of this to punish her, saying, “You chose that boy over blood.” So she legit told him she’s not his daughter anymore. Ouch. KJ Apa himself spilled about Archie’s time behind bars during an interview at New York Comic-Con.

“It’s rough,” the 21-year-old actor spilled. “We see him in survival mode for a lot of that and I feel like he changes a lot. It definitely shapes him into a man, I feel like. It changes his relationship with everyone around him when he comes out.”

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa dished on how Archie’s relationship with Hiram totally backfired.

“The prospect of Archie in a juvenile detention center is pretty delicious,” the 44-year-old showrunner explained in an interview. “He was attracted to Hiram’s power, and the way he moves through the world. And he got bitten in the bum by it. It’s major consequences for the stuff he’s been doing in Season 2.”

Something tells us the kids of Riverdale aren’t going to let this fly. After all, they do have a way of solving crimes, so we’re sure they’ll seek justice for Archie in no time.

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