Before Riverdale stars Camila Mendes and Charles Melton finally confirmed they were dating in an Instagram post that left us all shook, rumors circulated for quite some that they were an item. But what inspired the 24-year-old to finally go public with the relationship? Well, she basically did it because everyone was wondering what was going on with the stunningly gorgeous pair.

“I did it because people were speculating,” Camila explained to Fox News. “I want to be able to live a normal life. Like, ‘Yeah, I’m dating this person — so what?’ But I am the kind of person who’ll keep talking and then all of a sudden, I’ve said too much. Still, I want to be able to kiss him and not think about it.”

The actress also revealed that she’s never really been good at hiding things.

“I’m like that,” she continued. “I’ve never been closed off. Still, I’m always grappling with that part of myself — I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. I mean, I don’t have anything to hide — most of the time.”

We definitely think it’s a good thing since we love how open the star has always been with her fans. As J-14 readers know, the actress and her beau went Instagram official back in October, when she shared a pic of her cuddling her Riverdale co-star that she captioned, “Mine.”

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And since then, they definitely haven’t tried to hide their love — they’re constantly sharing Instagram PDA, gushing over each other in interviews, and even sticking up for each other on social media! Not to mention, the 27-year-old even spent Thanksgiving with Camila’s family.

We’re so proud of Camila for never letting fame changer her. Although, she did reveal to Fox News that there’s one thing she has corrected since she’s been thrust into the spotlight — and that’s where she sits on an airplane! Although it may sound rather fancy, the Riverdale star has a good reason for upgrading her seat when she flies.

“This sounds really bougie and I hate that — but I now only fly business class,” she said. “It’s really expensive, but some of my co-stars do fly coach — then people take pictures of them sleeping and tag them online. That’s not something I’m interested in!”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound too appealing. We love that we can always count on Camila to be herself.

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