Camila Mendes and Charles Melton are dating in real life, and now they’re taking their chemistry to Riverdale!

Prepare yourselves, Riverdale fans, because the latest trailer for the second half of Season 3 looks steamy AF. If you’ve seen it already, you know a lot of stuff is about to go down — including an unexpected romance between Camila and Charles‘ characters, Veronica and Reggie. Wait, what?

You heard that correctly, folks! Unsurprisingly, the trailer is full of dramatic moments, but in between the tense convos between Betty and Cheryl, and Archie and Hiram Lodge, the camera flashes to some of our favorite Riverdale couples. We see Bughead, we see Choni, and we see… VEGGIE?!

As you can tell, the network waited until the very last second of the trailer to tease that Reggie and Veronica, will, in fact, hook up. How does it happen? What will come of it? Is there still hope for Veronica and Archie? Obviously, it’s too soon to tell, but what we do know is that that the rest of season 3 will be a can’t-miss event.

In addition to the intimate Veggie moment at the end of the trailer, we also see a ton of intense make-out sessions. We mean, there’s Betty and Jughead (as per usual), Cheryl and Toni, and even Kevin and Moose, who’ve desperately been trying to hide their relationship. Still, we’re probably the most curious about what’s going to happen between Reggie and Veronica, but like every other dramatic thing that happens on this show, we’re just going to have to wait to find out!

Reggie and Veronica’s romance wasn’t the only compelling storyline in the trailer, though. Apart from the onslaught of hot and heavy romances, the teaser also confirmed that Betty’s dad, Hal Cooper (aka the Black Hood), will be making his return. Plus, Kelly Ripa will be joining the cast as Mrs. Mulwray, otherwise known as Hiram Lodge’s mistress. Like we said, it’s a can’t-miss event, and now that Veggie is happening and art is imitating real life, we just know things are about to get GOOD.

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