When we found out that Bughead was also an item off-screen, we freaked. We combed through all of their photos, all of their Twitter interactions, their interviews, everything we could find for hints that the on-screen couple had taken their relationship IRL. And what we found was that there are a lot of similarities between these two couples — Betty and Jughead in Riverdale and Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse in real life.

Sure, Lili and Cole don’t have to deal with trying to chase down a killer while exonerating their friends and family. But they do have to deal with the pressures of being a couple in the public eye. And falling in love in high-pressure scenarios isn’t the only things these two couples have in common.

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The both work together.

In Riverdale, Betty and Jughead work together on their school paper, The Blue and Gold. IRL, Lili and Cole work together on Riverdale.

blue and gold riverdale

They’re both creative couples.

Betty and Jughead are both writers. Betty’s a journalist, and Jughead juggles both journalism and the novel he’s working on about Jason’s death. Lili and Cole are actors, and Cole is also a photographer who’s taken snaps of Lili, who models.

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Can't help it. Here's another.

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They support each other’s work.

Jughead only started writing for The Blue and Gold because Betty recruited him when she decided to start the school paper back up. In real life, Lili also supports Cole in the most hilarious way — by watching old reruns of his Friends episodes.

Their friends totally ship them.

Remember how excited Veronica first was when she realized Betty and Jughead were becoming Bughead? And now check out Lili and Cole’s castmates in the background of this video where they bump hands at Comic-Con. Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, and Casey Cott are total shippers — on-screen and off.

They make a point of meeting each others’ families.

Sure, it’s a trick when Alice invites Jughead and his dad FP over for family dinner, but Juggy was still super excited to get the gang all together. IRL, Lili met Cole’s twin brother Dylan Sprouse last summer — and just this past weekend, Lili brought her sister and mom to a movie screening with Cole.

They love each others’ friends, too.

Jughead’s kind of a loner — but because of Betty, he’s now also friends with people like Veronica and Kevin, people he said he would’ve legit shunned before. And when Cole’s BFF Debby Ryan got new kittens, he brought Lili along to hang out with the group. How cute is that?

lili reinhart debby ryan

They take the cutest pics together.

‘Nough said.

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They tease each other adorably.

When Jughead tells Betty he doesn’t think she’s an American Werewolf in London kind of girl, she jokes that she’s “all about the beast within.” As for Lili and Cole, look no further than this tweet.

Best of all, they look at each other like a dang snack.

Bughead is so clearly infatuated with each other — and this video of Cole completely unable to take his eyes off Lili melts our hearts.


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