The first season of Riverdale, the hottest new show on The CW, was crazy af. ICYMI, Archie was hooking up with his teacher, Veronica’s dad was in jail for embezzlement, Betty’s sister Polly was locked away in a hospital, and Jughead’s dad was the leader of a gang called the Southside Serpents. And that’s not even including the murder that happened before the first episode even started.

So to say that Riverdale is full of shocking twists and turns would be an understatement — especially when you compare it to the classic comic books where Riverdale is a pretty calm place, Jughead spends his time chowing down on burgers, and Archie’s biggest dilemma is whether he likes Betty or Veronica each day.

Ever since the season one finale aired on May 11, we’ve been eagerly looking forward to season two. All kinds of theories and rumors (especially about potential guest stars and cameos) have been swirling around, but we didn’t have much concrete news about the upcoming season until the season 2 trailer dropped a few days ago. Now, we’re spiralling, just doing our best to predict all of the plot twists to come so we don’t get caught off guard and have our hearts broken — again.

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There’s already one wild Bughead theory floating around — but what else is coming when season 2 starts in October? We’ve got some theories of our own.

Betty has a mental breakdown.

riverdale season 2 betty

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Uh, remember that super scary moment in episode three when Betty went “full dark, no stars,” giving Chuck a sticky maple and dunking his head underwater? She also seemed to call herself Polly — and seemed like she was calling him Jason. Veronica mentioned it the next day, but we haven’t really talked about that scene nearly enough. What was going on there? Was Betty just a little too into things and let her emotions get the best of her? Or is there something more happening here?

Miss Grundy comes back.

riverdale season 2 miss grundy

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Maybe Miss Grundy really was just running from an abusive ex, but it feels like we haven’t seen the last of her. And we kind of felt like she was lying when she was telling Archie about her sad past. So what exactly is the truth? Maybe it was exactly what she said. Or maybe she’ll be back for Archie — and for revenge on Alice Cooper for running her out of town.

Josie goes feral.

riverdale season 2 josie

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We already saw in season 1 how far Josie was willing to go to be a star — she kicked her best friend out of the band without batting an eye, even though she later let her back in. It’s not a stretch to think that this pussycat is going to be tested again in season 2, and we’re worried that once things really start to heat up in the music world, she might be pushed a little too far.

Betty and Veronica fight — over Archie.

riverdale season 2 betty veronica

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Lili Reinhart revealed that — spoiler— Betty and Veronica will have drama in season 2, and it would be pretty classic for it to be over Archie. Sure, Bughead is solid now, but Veronica and Archie’s relationship is still new. And is Betty really ready to turn her back on Archie romantically if he finally comes around and returns the love she’s had for him for years? He’s vulnerable right now with everything happening with Fred, and we bet he needs a little more Betty in his life. Plus, Toni Topaz is allegedly going to add a little tension to the Bughead mix. Though, we’ve got other ideas for Toni.

Toni and Veronica feel the love.

riverdale season 2 veronica

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Toni’s confirmed to be the first bisexual character on the show — and as you might remember, there was another girl in Riverdale only too ready to kiss a girl (we’re looking at you Veronica). Sure, V’s kiss with Betty was all for show, but we still think there was a something there — and if we can’t get a Betty/Veronica ‘ship happening, Toni and Veronica would probably be a good backup. Then again…

A Cheryl-Toni-Veronica love triangle.

riverdale season 2 cheryl

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Madelaine Petsch, aka Cheryl, also confirmed that Cheryl’s getting an “unexpected” love interest this season. Unexpected — like a new girl in town? We’re into it — and we always love to see Veronica and Cheryl going head to head. With Madelaine hinting at Cheryl becoming closed off and cold again in season 2, we think these girls would be perfect rivals. Throw in a cutie like Toni Topaz and you’ve got a recipe for romance.

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Jughead turns into a werewolf.

riverdale season 2 jughead

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Okay, okay, calm down. This probably won’t happen. But with Riverdale, you kind of never know, right? And it’s not like Jughead hasn’t been a werewolf in the comics before. Lili even posted a frame from the comics on her Instagram, so would it really be so far-fetched?

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There’s been a lot of talk about the supernatural seeping into this show — especially considering possible Sabrina Spellman appearances and the Afterlife with Archie zombie storyline in the comics. A whole zombie apocalypse might be a little big for Riverdale — but just one zombie, or, you know, a werewolf, might fit in just fine.

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