Riverdale won't officially be returning in your life until October, but the cast is all back together in Vancouver, getting ready to finally begin filming Season 2. All your faves gathered for their first table read, where they went through the first three episodes of the upcoming season and Mädchen Amick, better know as Betty's mom Alice Cooper herself, took to Twitter to share the first squad pic.

OK, but really, everyone looks so happy to be back at work together. Of course we have Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart sitting next to each other because you know Bughead forever, we see actor Mark Consuelos who is playing Veronica's dad Hiram Lodge right next to her mom Hermione, and newcomer Charles Melton, who is taking over the role of Reggie from Ross Butler, is right next to KJ Apa so it looks like the entire family is back in action. But there is one very crucial person missing: Luke Perry, who plays Archie's dad Fred Andrews. Now as you may remember in the final heart-stopping moment of the season finale, Fred was shot right as he and Archie were about to enjoy some breakfast together in Pop's, his fate ultimately left up in the air. So does the fact that Luke wasn't at the table read mean Fred really doesn't make it out alive?

riverdale cast

The cast has been super mum about what exactly is happening to Fred, most likely because they didn't even know themselves. Regardless of the outcome though, KJ admitted that Archie will simply be changed forever.

"You're going to expect it to be a lot more intense, a lot darker, it's going to be a lot more emotional. We're going to see a completely different side to our characters especially Archie with his father being shot and whether his father lives or dies is going to change Archie's life forever," the actor said when catching up with ET Canada.

Ugh KJ, that answer is not easing any worries! Luke's absence from this one photo though is speaking volumes and tbh, we don't know how we're going to last the whole summer and into fall not knowing what's going to happen next for Archie and Fred and all of Riverdale, since this will no doubt shake the dark and twisted town.

archie and fred hug

Just dropping this dad and son hug because well it's necessary. Help you cope.

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