In the era of fan shipping and social media, fans often find themselves speculating whether their favorite on-screen couples might be involved in real-life romance. The latest duo to ignite such speculation is the pair from the hit show Maxton Hall, where their on-screen chemistry has left viewers mesmerized.

The captivating performances of Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten, who portray James Beaufort and Ruby Bell, respectively, have garnered widespread acclaim. However, it’s not just their on-screen romance that has tongues wagging; it’s the palpable chemistry they seem to exude off-screen as well. So, is there anything to the rumors or is just fans’ wishful thinking? Keep reading for everything we know.

Are Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten Dating IRL?

Since the release of Maxton Hall in early May, fans have taken notice of Damian and Harriet’s close bond during red carpet events and their seemingly genuine love for one another via social media.

On top of that, at the black carpet premiere for Maxton Hall, Damian and Harriet were the center of attention as they exchanged glances and shared smiles, displaying a camaraderie that’s usually reserved for couples. However, amid the dating rumors, some have suggested that the duo’s close friendship might simply be a well-executed publicity stunt orchestrated by the show’s producers to drum up interest and boost ratings.

That being said, it’s unclear whether the duo’s chemistry is due to something real or a brilliant PR strategy, as neither actor has confirmed or denied romance rumors.

Damian Hardung Harriet Herbig-Matten
BERLIN, GERMANY – FEBRUARY 21: Damian Hardung and Harriet Herbig-Matten arrive for the Prime Video Dinner during the 73rd Berlinale International Film Festival at Ayoka on February 21, 2023 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images) Gerald Matzka/Getty Images

When Does ‘Maxton Hall’ Season 2 Come Out?

Season 2 of Maxton Hall was confirmed on May 17, 2024. The news comes after the show became Prime Video’s most-watched international show of all time in its first week.

“I hope that the message of the show really holds up,” Damian told TVLine regarding a potential next season prior to the renewal news. “When there’s love, there’s nothing in between that can stop them. They can overcome those obstacles that they have and the circumstances to actually be able to be together.”

ICYMI, Maxton Hall follows two English private school students, arrogant millionaire James Beaufort, who attempts to bribe a female student, Ruby Bell, after she witnesses an explosive secret. From that point on, James attempts to buy Ruby’s silence — until the two realize they may not be so different from one another, after all. Maxton Hall is based on the book trilogy by Mona Kasten.

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