Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine might fall in love in the Netflix movie Purple Hearts, but are the two dating IRL? Keep reading to discover more about Sofia and Nicholas’ love lives.

Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine Dating?

The costars might be together in Purple Hearts, but they are not dating in real life. Both actors seem to keep their relationships outside of the public eye, as they have never been in a public relationship before since their rises to fame.

During an interview with Extra from January 2022, Sofia explained that keeping her private life under wraps is an “absolutely intentional” decision. So, it’s unclear if she’s on or off the market!

“To me, it’s about my art and the music and the films that I put out into the world and not about my personal life,” the “Loud” songstress explained. “I still do love sharing personal moments that are special to me with fans, but it was definitely a choice to keep my private life private because it’s not what this is about for me. It’s about more than that.”

Sofia has also shared that she would never date anyone in the entertainment world, so it’s very unlikely that Nicholas and Sofia are dating. “I made a decision about two years ago that I don’t want to date anyone in the [entertainment] business,” she also told Cosmopolitain May 2019. ” So as you can imagine, that makes it a little bit difficult.”

J-14 has reached out to Sofia and Nicholas’ reps for comment.

Are Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine Friends?

Sofia described her chemistry with Nicholas as “immediate” in an interview with People Magazine in July 2022. She also revealed that the two co-stars initially met over Zoom, and filming for the movie began the day after they met in real life.

“We didn’t actually get to meet until the night before that we started shooting, and so we literally did not know each other,” Carson told the outlet. “And the next day, our characters got married. The day after, they professed their love for each other. The day after, he got deployed to Iraq. And then the next day was the love scene in the motel. So we really dove into this film, and we had to build pretty immediate trust with one another.”

On top of that, when asked about a sequel, both actors have shared that they are fully on board to reprise their characters. “We’ll see what happens, for sure,” Nicholas told People Magazine in August 2022. “Even privately we joke about what would happen and how to possibly continue the story, because the script would have to be good. It would have to make sense. It would have to work. There are many different ways it could go, and we’ll wait and see if it’s the right story. But it’s very cool to see people asking for a second one.”

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