Is this finally confirmation that Zendaya and her Spider-Man: Homecoming co-star Tom Holland are indeed a legit couple? Well since it’s not coming from Z or Tom, the verdict is still out – but it happens to apparently have come from the mother of another celeb, Skai Jackson. Yep, Skai’s mom. On Instagram. We know, there’s a bit of a complicated web going on here, so let’s break it down.

Fans snagged screenshots of Skai’s mom, Kiya Cole, commenting on a pic of Zendaya Just Jared had posted in honor of her 22nd birthday. In the caption, the publication mentioned how her rumored boyfriend Tom was on hand at her birthday dinner – and that’s when Kiya replied back to a fan saying, “Yes. It’s true. They been on the low for a while.”

Naturally, this left the fandom shook to the core. Z and Tom have both shut down rumors time and time again that they’re more than best friends, but there’s been plenty of evidence out there suggesting otherwise. We most likely won’t get any confirmation from them if they are actually dating though since Zendaya had a secret boyfriend for four years the public knew nothing about. (Although there was speculation the mystery man was Trevor Jackson.) It seems totally random that Skai’s mom would be the one to confirm the possible couple’s relationship status though, right? Skai and Z have known each other for years, both having starred on two popular Disney Channel shows. So yeah, there is a good chance Skai’s mom could know the truth about Zendaya’s personal life, although it’s a bit odd she would be the one to spill the tea about something the actress has always tried to keep private.

zendaya and skai jackson

But this is why you can’t always believe everything you see out on the Internet. Kiya has since posted that her Instagram account was hacked and anything posted from it wasn’t her. Plus, she frankly just doesn’t care or know for a fact who anyone is dating.

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Well, then that totally takes away crediblity of this relationship confimation, right? Unless she’s just saying this as a way of backtracking because like we all know, if Tom and Zendaya are actally dating, it’s obvious they want to keep that to themselves. Let us us instead just keep swooning over the actor’s sweet birthday message to Z. “Me, myself and the birthday girl. Happy birthday mate – keep killing it and paving the way for the rest of us ♥️,” he wrote in the caption.

Just precious. Now as for if and when we’ll ever find out the truth about the co-stars’ supposed romance, time will tell. It appears they want to keep everything quiet for as long as they can.

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