Ariana Grande just added another tattoo to her growing collection! The singer, whose fourth studio album “Sweetener” dropped earlier this month, took to her Instagram stories to show off the new design. If one thing is for sure, it is most definitely her biggest piece of body art yet. Here she is showing it off.

ariana grande tattoo

Instagram, @arianagrande

The design is inspired by the 2001 anime movie Spirited Away. Ariana got the main character, Chihiro Ogino, inked onto her inner forearm. In case you’re not familiar, the film is about Chihiro’s journey to save her parents after they get turned into pigs. Now let’s take a closer look…

ariana grande ink

Instagram, @arianagrande

The “God Is a Woman” songstress highlighted all of the qualities she respects about Chihiro on social media.

“Chihiro’s growth into a capable individual is a core factor to the movement of Spirited Away’s plot. During her adventure in the Spirit World, she matures from an easily-scared girl with a child-like personality to match her age to a hard-working, responsible, and brave young girl who has learned to put her fears aside for those she cares for,” the singer wrote on Instagram. “To protect her friends and rescue her parents from a spell that has turned them into livestock, Chihiro sheds her former personality and adapts to her environment to become a courageous, quick-witted and reliable girl.”

“I love her so much,” she said in another post – tagging tattoo artist, Mira Mariah.

Ari actually recently made a reference to the movie in a tweet, saying that she and her fiancé Pete Davidson are like the parents in the film.

Something tells us this isn’t the last tattoo for Ari!

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