They say when you meet the one, you just know – and that really seems to be the case for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. The couple has only been together for a few months, but they’re engaged to be married. And now, they’re letting us all in on the fact that they literally knew they were endgame right away. Like after the first time they hung out. Talk about true love.

Speaking to GQ, Pete admitted that he told Ariana he would marry her ASAP and well, the rest is history.

“The day I met her, I was like, ‘Hey, I’ll marry you tomorrow.’ She was calling my bluff. I sent her a picture [of engagement rings]. I was like, ‘Do you like any of these?’ She was like, ‘Those are my favorite ones,’ and I was like, ‘Sick,'” he said.

They really were on the same page when it came to acknowledging the fact that they’re soulmates. Ari dished to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show that although she had met Pete back in 2016 when she appeared on his show, Saturday Night Live, and they didn’t start dating until a long time after, she knew even then he was the one.

“We never exchanged numbers or anything. We weren’t even friends for the longest time. I jokingly said to my tour manager — I was like, ‘I’m marrying him 100 percent. I was like, ‘I’m literally marrying him.'” Ariana explained to Jimmy. “[I] had the biggest crush in the world on him the whole time—like forever.”

How adorable is that? They both just felt it in their bones they were meant to be. And with the release of Ari’s new album, Sweetener, we get to hear how she feels in her song “Pete Davidson.” She wrote and recorded this song a week after they started dating. Taking a look at the lyrics, it’s easy to see this was her declaration of unwavering love for her bae:

“I thought you into my life, woah
Look at my mind, yeah
No better place or a time
Look how they align
Universe must have my back
Fell from the sky into my lap
And I know you know that you’re my soulmate and all that
I’m like ooh, ooh
My whole life got me ready for you, ooh, ooh
Got me happy, happy
I’ma be happy, happy, yeah”

A true tribute to the guy who has her heart – precious. Also on the album is a song “Better Off,” which everyone is interpreting to be about her failed romance with Mac Miller. On Twitter, she had called the relationship “toxic” and explained she’s “not a babysitter or a mother,” something “no woman should feel they have to be.” And in the song, she sings about how she knows she’s simply better off without this guy in her life:

“I’m better off without him
I’m better off being a wild one
On the road a lot, had to keep it a thousand
So that I’m better off not being around ya
Go on and face it, I’ll never be ready for you (ready for you)
I swear my love is a curse, make you handle issues (handle issues)”

Comparing the lyrics in these two songs proves Ariana really is the happiest she’s ever been.

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