Halloween is a day of the year where people can dress up as anything their heart desires, put on some super eccentric makeup and transform into someone totally new! Celebrities tend to go above and beyond with their looks. Yep, every year the stars do not disappoint when it comes to their Halloween costumes, and as the spooky holiday approaches, everyone is getting pretty excited to see what they wear this year!

Well guys, Ariana Grande just revealed what she’s dressing up as, and it has a seriously deep meaning behind it. The “Dangerous Woman” songstress is channeling The Twilight Zone for her costume, and fans are not going to believe why she chose it.

The 26-year-old has been teasing the look on Instagram, by sharing clips from the 1960 episode of the series called “Eye of the Beholder.”

In the episode, a woman named Janet gets plastic surgery to make her face look “normal.” But when the doctors remove the bandages and Janet looks like a beautiful woman, they claim that the surgery failed. It’s then revealed that the doctors aren’t exactly human: They have pig-like faces, and this is considered “beautiful” in their world.

Though Ariana hasn’t debuted her look just yet, she did share some details about it on Twitter. When a fan went ahead and made an edited photo of her with a pig face, the singer replied, “When I tell you …… my a** spent five hours in prosthetics and glam …. so I could log on and discover I could’ve just hit you up for this f**kin’ edit.”

When one fan urged the former Victorious star to do something “a little less terrifying next year,” she added, “I’m so tired let a b***h be spooky. Will you hate me less if I do a cute look as well?”

Ariana is seriously going to slay this costume!

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