Fans have been living for the stars’ epic Halloween costumes this year, but there’s one celebrity who has come under fire for hers. Jaclyn Hill has received a lot of criticism after she dressed up as a “canceled” version of herself for a party on October 26, 2019.

The YouTuber wore a black and red dress that had the word “canceled” written all over it. She also covered herself with fake blood.

For those who missed it, the beauty guru was “canceled” after fans claimed they found hairs, lumps and mold in her lipsticks back in June. Jaclyn addressed the situation in a YouTube video at the time, and insisted that her products were completely safe to use. The makeup mogul also promised to give anyone who ran into these issues a full refund and a fresh lipstick. But when fans received the new products, they discovered the same problems — and something even worse. Get this— YouTuber Pretty Pastel Please found a piece of metal in one of her products. In the midst of the controversy, Jaclyn decided to delete her social media rather than address the situation, and fans were not happy about it. Now, they’re relating her Halloween costume to the lipstick scandal.

“I’m beyond disgusted and disappointed in @Jaclynhill at this point. After everything that went down with her lipsticks, her apologies and her taking a break from social media because everything was too hard for her… seeing her halloween costume is just… repulsive,” one fan wrote, with another adding, “Tonight Jaclyn Hill posted a Halloween costume that’s making a joke about her being canceled… As if she was canceled over something small and not literally dangerous lipsticks. Why does this bother me so much?”

But the 29-year-old was quick to defend herself.

“This costume has NOTHING to do with my fans or customers. It has to do with ‘cancel culture’ that has become so popular. I adore my subscribers and they know that!” she wrote on Twitter. “A lot of people are missing the point. This has nothing to do with my lipsticks. That’s a whole different situation. This costume was supposed to be about the community. About influencers and cancel culture. But people can read into it however they want obviously.”

“Over the last several years the internet has become more and more cruel and has developed what we now call ‘cancel culture.’ Not one day has gone by in over two years where I have not seen ‘you’re canceled’ online. I wanted to create a look showing the glam side of this industry and the ugly,” she also wrote on Instagram. “So here is it. You want me canceled? You got it baby. And I know my ‘haters’ are going to HATE this costume. But that’s okay, I love you anyway.”

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