What’s going on, you guys? Nearly a year after her very public and very ugly divorce from her ex-husband, Jon HillJaclyn Hill seems to be hanging out with him again. Wait, what?

You heard that right, fam! The beauty guru‘s ex took to Instagram on Sunday, April 28 to share a photo of the formerly married couple together, and it’s safe to say fans are confused AF.

“‘After all that we’ve been through, I know we’re cool’,” he wrote.

So what’s happening? Are they friendly again? Have they moved past their drama? Well, it certainly seems like it, and now her followers are desperate to know more about the current status of their rocky relationship.

“Why did Jon post an insta w you…” a fan asked.

“IS JACLYN HILL AND JON BACK TOGETHER WTF,” another person wanted to know.

TBH, we’re just as confused as her fans are — especially considering how heated their feud became in the months following their split. You see, the exes initially agreed to keep their divorce amicable, but that quickly changed when cheating allegations came to the surface.

After rumors swirled that Jaclyn cheated on Jon with her boyfriend Jordan Farnum, who some people claim was close friends with Jon, she clapped back on Twitter in January 2019.

“This is getting so old & corny!!!” she wrote. “Just because I’m dating a guy that used to work at the studio with Jon does not mean I cheated. You will find anyway to try to make me look like a bad person. If you only knew the truth…..”

But wait, there’s more. The makeup artist then totally turned the tables, claiming that if anyone was guilty of cheating, it was Jon.

“Honestly, I have kept my mouth shut for so long about my divorce because it’s no ones d–n business,” she wrote. “but calling me a cheater could not be further from the truth & [it’s] hurtful. You’ve got the wrong one.” Yikes!

Then, on January 6, after back-and-forth disses between Jaclyn and Jon’s girlfriend Ashlyn Van Horn, he took to Instagram to defend himself against Jaclyn’s cheating allegations. According to him, he’s never been unfaithful.

“(In regards of my ex wife’s tweets) I didn’t want to have to even reply to this but after drama vids & messages of people accusing me of now being cheater I had to defend myself,” he wrote. “I’ve come clean with my past mistakes & cheating was never one of them. I could go in depth of what actually happened but I have no desire to rehash old drama into this year. I’d rather look forward & be the best me for my girlfriend, music, fam & friends! #rebirth out Jan 11th.”

As you can tell, things got pretty ugly between the two, so we definitely didn’t think we’d be seeing them hanging out together anytime soon. Plus, we can’t help but wonder how Ashlyn and Farnum feel about their seemingly rekindled friendship. Hmm… we guess we’re just going to have to stay tuned to find out!

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