OMG, you guys, what is going on? Beauty guru Jaclyn Hill took to her Instagram Stories on March 26 to share a video of an enormous diamond ring, and if we’re being completely honest, the new bling totally makes it look like she’s engaged. Wait, what?

Fans of the makeup artist completely freaked out when they saw the video clip of her wearing a gorgeous (and not to mention HUGE) diamond rock, which was accompanied by Ariana Grande‘s “7 Rings” playing the background. But let’s be real: Who wouldn’t freak out over this gigantic sparkler?

Jaclyn Hill

We told you it’s massive! Alas, the 28-year-old took to Twitter to tell fans that, no, she’s not engaged, and we’re just as confused as you are. We mean, it looks just like an engagement ring and it’s being worn on *that* finger, so can you really blame us for assuming a wedding was in her future?

Well, Jaclyn wants fans to know that her new ice has absolutely nothing to do with her current boyfriend, Jordan Farnum. In fact, she bought this sparkly new accessory for herself. How do we know? Well, when one of her followers asked her to confirm whether or not she’s engaged, she replied, “This is me loving myself!!! Feels good.” What a QUEEN!

But wait, there’s more. When another fan tweeted the YouTuber saying that her BF is going to have a difficult time topping that ring when he does decide to propose, she responded by saying that all she wants from him is his love. How sweet is that?

“He doesn’t have any competition. I can buy myself a ring. But I can’t buy love. That’s all I desire from him.” Aww!

The internet personality confirmed her relationship with Jordan in September 2018, after teasing their romance on Twitter back in July.

“Falling in love is the most incredible & terrifying feeling all at once,” she wrote.

Her new relationship came shortly after her May 2018 divorce from Jon Hill, who she was married to for a whopping nine years, so it kind of makes sense that she’s not ready to dive into a new marriage quite yet. Regardless, the ring is absolutely stunning, and buying a gargantuan diamond ring for yourself just because you can is an energy that we’re SO here for.

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