YouTuber Chris Monroe, also known as PrankInvasion, is getting major backlash for one of his recent videos. The social media influencer has come under fire after he uploaded a video of himself kissing his half sister, Kaitylyn O’Connor. Um, what?!

The 26-year-old is pretty known in the YouTube world for posting a ton of videos in which he kisses random “strangers” that he meets on the street. But in the past, viewers have thought it was pretty obvious that the “strangers” he makes out with are actually actors. That’s why people are speculating that the woman he was smooching wasn’t really his half sister. But this time, Chris insists that it wasn’t an act.

“Kaitylyn O’Connor is my actual half sister,” the controversial star confirmed exclusively to J-14. “She just got out of a relationship and moved back home so I thought it was the perfect time do a video with her. We’re just typical siblings who care for each other and since my channel was hacked for months I figured this would get some great reactions from fans. I was right, but never did I expect this video to get as big as it actually did!”

Naturally, viewers were a little disturbed by the video, and they took to Twitter to share their reactions.

“How is kissing your sibling a prank?” one viewer quipped, adding, “What goes through your mind that makes you think, ‘Oh yeah, maybe if I kiss my sibling I’ll get views?'”

“I’d like to start a petition to get PrankInvasion banned from YouTube,” one viewer suggested, while another added, “OK but real talk someone PLEASE tell me that wasn’t PrankInvasion’s real sister in that video I’m so [disgusted.]”

“I could’ve gone my whole life without seeing that video,” another viewer wrote.

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