Let’s get a show of hands — who else is obsessed with Ariana Grande‘s song “God Is a Woman?” The track, which was featured on the singer’s album Sweetener, came out in July 2018, and it quickly became a fan favorite. Well, this may come as a shock, but the iconic tune was actually almost sung by another huge superstar! Yep, it turns out, the song was originally meant for Camila Cabello, and fans are pretty shook. Wow, who knew?!

“They had the chorus for the song, and I wrote verses for it but it just didn’t end up sounding right for me,” the “Havana” songstress explained during a recent interview with SiriusXM. “Then [Ariana] and everyone wrote her version and it sounded amazing.”

As fans know, Camila and the former Disney star’s relationship goes way back! They’re constantly gushing over each other in interviews, supporting each other’s work, hanging out and having the cutest little social media interactions. And get this — back in 2018, they even joked that they wanted to get married on Twitter!

When the interviewer asked the 22-year-old brunette beauty if she and Ariana open up to each other about things they’re going through, Camila revealed, “For sure. She’s really sweet. We always kind of check up on each other and we’re like, ‘How you doing?’ Or she’ll post something about how she’s doing great mentally and emotionally on Instagram and I’ll be like, ‘I’m so happy for you.’ We’ll just kind of check in on each other.”

The former Fifth Harmony member also said she’d be totally down to record a duet with the 26-year-old Victorious actress!

“I would love that,” she added. “I love her. She’s my friend. It would be awesome.”

They’re two of the most talented singers and songwriters in the world, so that would seriously be a dream come true! Ugh, can you imagine how amazing their voices would sound together? This needs to happen, like, now!

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