What is going on?! It seems like we’re hearing more stories about musicians being hit by “fans” while performing on stage: from Bebe Rexha‘s scary phone-to-face attack in June 2023, to Harry Styles being stuck at a concert by an “unknown object” in July 2023, things are looking scary for some of our favorite artists. Keep reading for details on the unfortunate events.

In July 2023, at least two videos posted on social media appear to show Harry wincing in pain and holding his head in his hands after being struck with an unknown object while walking off stage. This marks one of several incidents of artists being struck by flying items at their own concerts.

A month earlier, a New Jersey man was charged with assault after allegedly throwing a cell phone at pop star Bebe Rexha during a concert in New York City. The singer was rushed to to a nearby hospital, and the popstar posted on her Instagram to show fans she was OK, sharing a selfie of her stitches and a black eye. “I’m good,” she wrote.

Nicolas Malvagna of Manalapan, New Jersey, was accused of throwing the phone. He was arrested at the venue, and later charged with assault for using his cell phone as a weapon, the NYPD confirmed to People Magazine. The accused has a court date set for July 31, 2023.

That same month, another musician that was attacked while on stage was Ava Max, after an audience member rushed on stage and slapped her while she performed during a show in Los Angeles.

Ava wrote on Twitter, “He slapped me so hard that he scratched the inside of my eye. He’s never coming to a show again.”

During a June 2023 concert, singer-songwriter Adele warned concertgoers not to throw anything at her, according to a clip posted on Instagram.

“Have you noticed how people are like forgetting f–king show etiquette in America, they’re just throwing s–t on stage. Have you seen that?” she asked her audience. “F–king dare you, dare you to throw something at me,” she said before shooting off a t-shirt via T-shirt canon into the audience and joked: “Stop throwing things at people … when you can shoot things.”

Click through the gallery to see the artists who unfortunately been hit or attacked while performing on stage.

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