Fans can’t get enough of Lloyd Wakefield! When attending a Harry Styles concert, you never know what you’re going to get, but one thing’s for sure: concertgoers are hoping to get a glimpse of the photographer. From T-shirts with his face on them, to signs asking if he’s single, Lloyd is becoming a heartthrob in his own right.

In the least shocking news, ever, Lloyd revealed that Harry is actually “one of the better bosses I’ve had,” while chatting with Vogue in February 2023. The photographer also noted that the last year of his life has been “kind of mental” thanks to his gig with the “Watermelon Sugar” singer.

Keep reading for everything to know about Lloyd, his age and more. 

Who Is Lloyd Wakefield?

Lloyd, known better by Harry’s fans as his Instagram name, @lloyddddddddddddddddd, can often be seen running around during the singer’s Love on Tour concerts and snapping photos.

“I’d never actually shot a live show before Harry. He was the first concert that I’ve ever shot. I don’t think he knows that,” Lloyd revealed during his Vogue interview. “Before I had shot a tour, I was very much like, ‘Oh, you turn up, chill all day. Wait for the show, shoot the show, edit, go home.’ But it’s a bigger thing than that. It isn’t just shooting a live show. It’s backstage, it’s the band, the team that’s behind Harry. It’s a wild thing to be a part of.”

Who Is Harry Styles' Photographer Lloyd Wakefield? Camera Man's Job, Age
Lloyd Wakefield/Instagram

How Old is Lloyd Wakefield?

Just like Harry, the cameraman grew up in Manchester, and the goal was never to become a photographer. In fact, Lloyd — who was 26 years old at the time of his Vogue interview — wanted to be a soccer player.

“I did the behind-the-scenes [photos] for ‘Late Night Talking’ and then ‘As It Was,'” Lloyd shared, remembering how he actually became Harry’s tour photographer. “‘As It Was’ was a few days of rehearsals because it’s a complex video, and there was a lot of training and choreography. It was like being in a bubble, and viewing it from the inside was fascinating. The timing was great because Harry was just announcing the album and prepping for a massive tour.

Is Lloyd Wakefield Single?

Naturally, some of the Love on Tour attendees have been questioning Lloyd’s relationship status. When one fan held up a sign that read, “Is Lloyd single?” during a June 2023 show, Harry replied, “Yes, he is.”

Who knows, maybe Lloyd will actually find love while on tour.

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