Andi Mack is back for Season 3 – which means we’re all dying to see where Andi’s relationship with Jonah Beck goes. It’s been quite a wild ride for the fan-fave television couple, and it’s safe to say their love lives are quite a roller coaster ride. J-14 caught up with Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Asher Angel themselves, and they spilled all about the evolution of Andi and Jonah. They even dished about what we can expect from Season 3, considering Season 2 ended with Jonah leaving for summer camp – leaving fans to wonder if their relationship would last.

Asher, in particular, thinks Andi has really matured throughout the seasons – as far as her love life goes.

The 16-year-old star tells us, “She evolved a lot. She definitely knows what she wants now. I mean, this whole Jonah and Andi relationship was like – it was crazy. One day they would both like each other, and the next they would be like, no I don’t feel this way about you. It’s so confusing. Andi, I think she just a lot is happening in her world and Jonah probably doesn’t really get it.”

The star went on to say that with all Andi’s got going on in her life, he doesn’t even know how she has time for boys!

He adds, “I think for her, she has a lot to juggle – she shouldn’t even be thinking about boys, like I don’t know how she’s thinking of boys. She has so much going on. How do you have time for boys?”

As for Peyton, she feels that Jonah going away to summer camp at the end of Season 2 really put their relationship to the test.

“I feel like when Jonah goes away to camp it gives Andi some time to decide how she feels, what she feels, and how that affects the relationship,” the 14-year-old actress spills. “In Season 3, you’ll see her and Jonah sort of figuring out what they are because they always sort of walked this line between friends and maybe more. So, I think you’ll see them even further that sort of balance.”

We’re so excited to see what’s in store!

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