We couldn’t be more proud of Ashley Tisdale. The singer, who has been pretty open about her struggles with anxiety and depression in the past, just revealed that she overcame her mental health issues, and we are so happy for her.

But how did she get through it? Talking to Life & Style Magazine on Thursday, January 24, 2019, the 33-year-old explained that making her new album, Symptoms, actually helped her work past it.

“It was just super personal,” she dished on the new LP. “I mean basically, it was a different experience this time compared to my last couple albums. In the past, I sang other people’s songs and didn’t really know who I was as an artist, and when I was getting back in the studio, I was going through a lot of anxiety and I had a bit of depression.”

But although it was definitely hard for her, she’s much stronger now. “I was doing a self-help book at the same time,” the High School Musical star continued. “It’s weird because the album became my journey going through that and coming out of it. It really reflects my journey. It starts from the beginning and the end is coming out of it all and surviving it, I guess. Doing the self-help book that I did, I haven’t had anxiety since.”

Wow, this makes us even more excited for the album. As J-14 readers know, the actress had previously opened up about her struggles.

“I’ve co-written every song on the album, and I also am so specific on the sound and what the album stands for, which is an upbeat album, but it has a dark undertone of anxiety and depression,” Ashley said in an interview with AOL last year. “I think it’s something that the world needs right now. It happened so fast and it came together so fast that I think the universe just made it happen.”

We seriously love how real she’s keeping it. The former Disney star has already dropped two singles from the new LP — “Voices In My Head” and “Love Me & Let Me Go” — and they’re total bops. But unfortunately, there’s no release date for the singer’s third studio album yet. Symptoms was supposed to hit stands in the winter of 2018, but since the year already came to an end and we still haven’t gotten the album, we can only hope that it’s coming any day now!

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