Former Disney Channel star August Maturo is all grown up and looking back at his Girl Meets World days! The 13-year-old actor reflects on his “amazing” memories from the show’s set and reveals whether or not he’s still friends with his costars while chatting with J-14 exclusively.

“My mom and Rowan [Blanchard]‘s mom are best friends, so I go over there all the time and it’s so fun to hang out with all of them again,” August shares, while promoting his new movie Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog. “We don’t really get together that often, but we do stay in touch. We don’t get together that often because COVID, and we’re all busy, but it’s always good to text them every now and then.”

August starred as Auggie Matthews on Girl Meets World for three seasons from 2014 to 2017 alongside Rowan and Sabrina Carpenter. While he may not get to see his former castmates that often, the California native explains that the GMW cast has group chat and they’re “all talking it all the time.”

“They’re all so amazing,” he says of the former Disney Channel stars. “We’re all just family.”

As for his most memorable moment on the Boy Meets World spinoff series’ set? August can’t choose just one because he literally grew up on set.

“I was 5 [years old] when I started, and it went all the way until I was 9 [years old]. So, it’s hard to pick one memory, you know, ’cause it was all so amazing and so great,” he gushes. “It holds a special place in my heart.”

August Maturo Reflects on 'Amazing' Memories From 'Girl Meets World': 'We're All Just Family'
Disney Channel/Tony Rivetti

Following the show’s series finale, August made a shift in his career and started auditioning for more adult roles, which led to the heartfelt movie Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog

“It was actually my first movie, and it was my first big project after Girl Meets World,” he shares, noting that it’s a “special” and “kid-friendly” film about the Holocaust. “It’s really cool as an actor to move on from different genres … I’ve been doing comedy and I’ve always wanted to try different things.”

Going forward, August has his most “emotionally challenging” role on the horizon, a horror film called Slapface. Fans actually have actress McKenna Grace to thank for August’s interest in the horror genre. The duo has been best friends since they were 6 years old, and their “genuine friendship” blossomed over the years.

“She got me into horror,” he explains. “She started introducing more scary movies to me because she was in Annabelle Comes Home. So, we watched that together and it was amazing. Ever since, I think I just fell in love with horror.”

From the sound of it, there may be more scary roles in August’s future!

Be sure to watch our full interview in the video above and check out August’s movie Shepherd: The Story of a Jewish Dog, out now. 

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