According to Sabrina Carpenter, she is not ashamed of her past! Yep, the actress just reminisced about her time on the Disney Channel, and she had nothing but good things to say about it. She also opened up about the “stigma” surrounding the network, and spilled on what she misses the most from her time in Girl Meets World.

“It’s so funny to me that it’s become this huge stigma over the years and that there has to be a transition,” she told Clevver News, when asked about her transformation from a Disney girl to a big musical artist. “[The public] puts so much pressure on that point from when you’re done being on a Disney Channel show to whatever you do next. Honestly, I was just always doing what I love and I continue to do what I love and follow the projects and things that my heart tells me to do and leads me to.”

The blonde beauty continued, “It was kinda natural, I really just wanted to focus on music as I exited out of that show, and sooner than later I was introduced to some projects that became close to my heart and that I wanted to be a part of as well. From the outside people probably see it very differently than I see it. I just see it as me growing up like I normally would, I’m just happy to know that people have been along for a ride, at least my fans have and they’ve been so supportive through everything.”

As for what she missed most about starring in the Boy Meets World spinoff show, she explained that the entire thing had such a huge impact on her life.

“I learned so much from doing that show. Those were my stepping stone years, literally, like, my middle school and high school years of life, so I learned so much from the people that I was working with who had a lot more experience than I did,” the singer dished. “I learned a lot about getting in my body, as far as acting and feeling comfortable with myself in front of a camera, which I still don’t all the time but I definitely think it helped. I created relationships that will last a lifetime.”

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