Now that Austin Butler is a household name, tons of roles are coming his way! Old school Disney Channel and Nickelodeon fans might know him from various roles on the respective networks, but Elvis made the actor a Hollywood heartthrob. Even Austin himself can’t believe how playing the late Elvis Presley changed his life.

The actor explained to Deadline in November 2022 that playing the role gave him “the ability to feel like I’m looking back on my own life in retrospect, and changed my own priorities and then I almost get to do it again.” Austin’s highly anticipated Elvis movie premiered in June 2022 and is still being talked about by fans.

“Especially when I’m dealing with being in a similar industry and that sort of thing, it’s allowed me to really appreciate the things that I’m now getting to experience in my life, even just being with my family or anything like that. Because there’s a lot of loneliness in Elvis’ life. And there were people who took advantage of him and there was so much tragedy,” the California native explained. “So now, I feel like I’m so much more aware of those things. In a way, he’s protecting me from certain pitfalls and things, so I owe him for that as well.”

Now that’s he’s a certified star, Austin said he’s “trying to learn how to navigate a new lack of privacy,” while speaking with The New York Times in May 2022.

“I was an anxious child and very shy, to the point that, if we were at a restaurant, I would whisper to my mom what I wanted to order, and she would have to order it for me,” he shared during the same interview. “And I am still very shy.”

That being said, Austin has no “interest” in the “fame” aspect of Hollywood.

“But I do want to be able to work with great artists and tell stories that I want to tell,” he added. “A certain level of stardom gives you that freedom, I guess, despite the drawbacks, but do you take the good with the bad?”

With all his upcoming roles, it seems like Austin will be getting used to the notoriety. Scroll through our gallery for all the details on his upcoming projects. 

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