When it comes to back-to-school style, there are endless possibilities. But if you’re anything like us over here at J-14, then you absolutely love to incorporate your own personality into your wardrobe – and what better way to do that than by adding a little dose of your fave TV obsessions into your closet? We rounded up some of our all-time favorite television shows (both old school classics like Gossip Girl and current obsessions like Riverdale, of course) and compiled some inspiration for how to rep your most-loved television picks in the school hallways this year. You’ll be sure to get some compliments – and in the process, we bet you’ll be surprised to find out which of your classmates share your secret passion for shows of the past like Gilmore Girls and Hey Arnold. Once everyone gets a glance at your fun TV-trendy pieces, the whole school will be wanting to steal your style.

The Riverdale Back-to-School Starter Pack:

Whether you identify as a River Vixen or a Southside Serpant, your Riverdale style will be sure to catch the eye of your very own Archikins.

riverdale starter pack

Archie T-Shirt, $18.32 – $21.52

Bughead Phone Case, $27.08

Jughead Beanie Enamel Pin, $10

The Gossip Girl Back-to-School Starter Pack:

By adding some Gossip Girl flair to your wardrobe, your back-to-school looks will be on par with even the most elite of the Upper East Side.

gossip girl starter pack

‘What Would Blair Waldorf Do?’ T-Shirt, $20.02

XOXO, Gossip Girl Phone Case, $25

Blake Lively Enamel Pin, $10

The Gilmore Girls Back-to-School Starter Pack:

You don’t need to be in Stars Hallow to live like a Gilmore – start with your style!

gilmore girls starter pack

Luke’s Diner Travel Mug, $17.99

‘Where You Lead I Will Follow’ Shirt, $18.32

Gilmore Girls Notebook, $12

The Hey Arnold Back-to-School Starter Pack:

Stoop kid may be afraid to leave his stoop, but you, on the other hand, will be proudly strutting all around town flaunting your Hey Arnold-inspired looks.

hey arnold starter pack

Hey Arnold T-Shirt, $21.99

Helga Baseball Cap, $19.99

Hey Arnold Socks, $18.90

The Dog With a Blog Back-to-School Starter Pack:

Just like Stan, you have a passion for two things – dogs and blogs. Show it in your back-to-school accessories.

dog with a blog starter pack

Gear-Up Frenchie Pups Backpack, $49.50

Bloggers Gonna Blog Shirt, 19.99

Dog Laptop Sleeve, $36

The Rugrats Back-to-School Starter Pack:

A baby’s gotta do what a baby’s gotta do – and what you have to do is look Rutgrats-chic this school year.

rugrats starter pack

Rugrats Printed Sweatshirt, $34

Angelica purse, $69.90

Rugrats Sticker Patch Set, $14.90

The Hannah Montana Back-to-School Starter Pack:

Chillin’ out take it slow, then you rock out the show (er, school).

hannah montana starter pack

Rico’s Surf Shop Shirt, $23.08

Hannah Montana Patch, $9.99

Hannah Montana Secret Pop Star Spiral Notebook, $7.34

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