Barbie is everything — and so is Oppenheimer. The two most highly anticipated films of the year both drop on Friday, July 21, and they couldn’t be more different, stylistically and visually! So, J-14 decided to make this very important “Barbenheimer” decision easier on you. Keep reading to see if you should watch Barbie or Oppenheimer based on your zodiac sign.

ICYMI, since the two movies released their premiere date, a meme called “Barbenheimer” has taken the internet by storm. Photoshopped pictures of Barbie‘s star Margot Robbie clad in her signature pink facing off to Cillian Murphy as the father of the nuclear bomb in Oppenheimer, are everywhere — it’s getting … atomic.

“I mean, I’ll be going to see Barbie 100 percent — I can’t wait to see it,” Cillian said in an interview with IGN in July 2023. “I think it’s just great for the industry and for audiences that we have two amazing films by amazing filmmakers coming out on the same day.”

The lead of Oppenheimer also urged viewers to see both films on the same day!

“Yeah, you can spend the whole day in the cinema — what’s better than that?” he added.

While Barbie and Oppenheimer certainly don’t look the same, the two films have much more in common than you would think! Both movies are created by two of the most well respected directors in Hollywood, Greta Gerwig for Barbie, and Christopher Nolan for Oppenheimer. On top of that, the projects are also backed by giant production companies (Warner Bros. for Barbie and Universal for Oppenheimer) and have casts full of Hollywoods biggest actors.

“It’s all love — double up, double up twice,” Greta said of the two movies during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in July 2023. “I think you’ve got to see what the experience is, Barbie then OppenheimerOppenheimer then Barbie. I think you’ve got to take all of the journeys.”

Issa Rae, who plays President Barbie in the pinker of the two films, gave her own advice on which movie to watch first if committing to the double feature event. She told THR, “Obviously you should see Oppenheimer first and then cleanse your palate with Barbie.”

If you don’t have time to watch both films in the same day, let us make the decision for you! Click through our gallery to see if you should watch Barbie or Oppenheimer based on your zodiac sign. 

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