They’re back … already! Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner will reprise their roles as Travis and Abby, respectively, in the upcoming Beautiful Disaster sequel, Beautiful Wedding. News of the second movie in the forthcoming film franchise comes ahead of the first movie’s premiere, which is set to be released in April 2023.

“Beautiful 2 baby! Let’s goooo,” Dylan shared via Instagram in December 2022. “Green lighting a sequel before the first hits theatre?! All gas no brake.”

What can fans expect as the franchise continues? Keep reading for details on Beautiful Wedding, including release date and more. 

What Is ‘Beautiful Wedding’ About?

According to the Voltage Pictures official logline, the sequel will pick up right where Beautiful Disaster leaves off.

“Abby and Travis wake up after a crazy night in Vegas confused, hungover, and — to their shock — married!” the description reads. “So they do what any college-age newlyweds who barely know each other would do: they honeymoon in Mexico with their best friends and family! Is this marriage their destiny, or just another disaster?”

dylan sprouse virginia gardner beautiful disaster

Who Is Starring in ‘Beautiful Wedding’?

From the look of it, all the original cast members are returning. A first look photos from the sequel included Dylan and Virgina alongside Libe Barer who is playing the role of America Mason, Austin North as Shepley, Jack Hesketh as Trenton, Trevor Van Uden who is playing Thomas, Micky Dartford who will play Tyler and Declan Michael Laird as Taylor.

“Guess who just got married?” the Beautiful Disaster franchise’s official Instagram account shared, alongside a cast photo from what appears to be Travis and Abby’s wedding. “Trabby 4ever.”

When Will ‘Beautiful Wedding’ Premiere?

Since the first film has yet to be released, the sequel will be on hold for a bit — especially since they’re still in production on the second movie. However, fans can expect there to be a 2024 premiere date.

“Excited to announce there are 2 Beautiful Disaster movies headed your way!!!” Virgina shared via Instagram, announcing the sequel news. “Super grateful @voltagepicturesofficial is letting us make the second movie before the first even comes out. Get excited. Lots of fun to come.”

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