All tatted up! Bella Thorne has racked up a bunch of ink designs all over her body since shedding her Disney Channel image. The actress first stepped into the spotlight on Shake It Up from 2010 until 2013, and since then, has nabbed some pretty edgy roles that showcase the starlet’s true personality.

In her 2020 flick Infamous, Bella got the chance to put her 20+ tattoos on full display and opened up about the experience while chatting with Inked Magazine.

“It was fun having all of my tattoos out for this movie,” the actress gushed in June 2020, before explaining that she doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to “commit” to a full sleeve of ink. “I think I’ll probably end up being a person who has a bunch of little tattoos all over their body. It will be a bunch of stuff that I liked or loved, so that’s going to be how I keep collecting tattoos.”

Bella added, “I think tattoos are little symbols of things that once brought you joy and have memories of these beautiful moments in time where you wanted to get it. I really respect that and that’s why I love my tattoos.”


For the same flick, Bella also sported a fake sleeve of tats, which some fans thought were real!

“For my tattoo … Luckily, I did all my own makeup, and I’m really fast in the chair — I get really antsy. I get a lot of anxiety, so I can’t have people touching me for too long. So, [makeup artists], they went in on my arm, and they brought it together really fast because, like I said, I’m very antsy. I’m not staying in the chair for very long, and I have to do my makeup anyway,” she recalled to Looper in July 2020. “I would say it’s probably like 20 minutes to put on. We could do it in 20 minutes to put on every day, and you’d just have to keep touching it [up] throughout the day and making sure [it stays dry]. The problem is that you get moist, OK? I wanted to henna the tattoo when we started, but we chose the applicant. But I was thinking, ‘what if we got a few touch-ups of henna throughout the filming process?’ And it just was like on my skin because of the heat. When you’re using an adhesive on your skin, the heat re-sticks the glue, and it comes back [up].”

What exactly do all the star’s real tattoos look like? Well, J-14 broke them all down for Bella’s biggest fans! Scroll through our gallery for a complete breakdown, including what the actress has said about each one to what fans think they mean. 

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