If you were wondering where Bella Thorne was instead of the 2018 Teen Choice Awards, let it be known that she wasn’t there by choice. While some artists like Zendaya couldn’t attend due to busy schedules, Bella wasn’t planning on attending even if her schedule allowed it. Why? Well, she had a serious problem with one of the categories this year – and tbh, people agree with her.

The actress was nominated for three different categories of the awards show: “Choice Drama Movie Actress” for her role of Katie in Midnight Sun, “Choice Drama TV Actress” for her portrayal of Paige in Famous in Love, and “Choice Movie Ship” for her on screen relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger in Midnight Sun. Turns out, she didn’t take home any of those awards. Zendaya won “Choice Drama Movie Actress” for The Greatest Showman, along with winning “Choice Movie Ship” with Zac Efron. As for “Choice Drama TV Actress,” Lili Reinhart took home that one for her role in Riverdale.

But Bella’s reasoning for not attending the TCA’s isn’t all about who was going to win or lose (although, she does mention that it’s rigged). Rather, she feels the event promotes an unhealthy way of measuring success – through looks. You see, the categories of “Choice Male Hottie” and “Choice Female Hottie” really don’t sit well with her. Bella took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the matter and let fans now she would be boycotting this year.

bella thorne

Twitter, @bellathorne

“Vote for the hottest is so gross How about smartest? Or a charity category? How about we hype people up for doing good things not being hot,” Bella tweeted.

It’s important to note that the ~hottie~ winners definitely didn’t take themselves too seriously. Both Lauren Jauregui and Cole Sprouse actually made light of the situation, recognizing how strange the category is. Lauren said on stage, “Thank you for thinking I’m hot and giving me that award. That’s really cool. I know that you chose it for my brain. I know that that’s why you did it.”

While Cole didn’t speak on stage, he did address his “Male Hottie” win on Twitter – with humor, in true Cole fashion. “It’s been a long time coming. I’ve worked since I was in diapers, studied hard, went to university, and I may have almost broken a couple times but I finally did it. I am: choice male hottie,” he wrote.

teen choice

Twitter, @colesprouse

We’re glad Bella stood up for what she believes in!

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