When we heard the news about Dove Cameron‘s new line of hair extensions with Bellami, we were like, uh, we need those. So when we got an invite to her launch event and meet & greet, we were, like, “Sounds perf! We’re already on our way!” and Dove’s people were like, “Please don’t show up two days early.” Somehow, we managed to wait until the actual day of the release to rush the salon, but once we got there everything was amazing. Dove, as always, was absolutely fabulous — and she spilled all the details on the line, why she decided to take on the project, and what it was like to become a certified business babe.

Extensions are something the Liv and Maddie actress has been rocking for a while — both on the red carpet and off — so she knows her stuff. Naturally, Bellami recognized her on-point hair game and reached out, and soon it was love at first clip-in. “I’ve used Bellami [extensions] before, but you know, it’s one of those things where it’s like you use them, you use the next one, they all kind of mix in,” she admitted. “I wanted to make sure I really loved them before I was gonna recommend them to my fans, so [when] there was an offer on the table, I went out and got a ton of clip-ins.” She gave them a shot, took notes, and knew they’d make the perfect pair. “I brought [my Bellami extensions] with me all over the world and no matter who was styling them, no matter how much heat or trauma they went through, they were always really nice and I got so many compliments on how thick and luscious and healthy my hair looked. Which is really difficult for a bleach blonde!”

Now, she doesn’t just wear extensions, she wears her own. “I exclusively wear them. Which is great, because now any time somebody likes my hair, they know where they can get it!” And they can get it in Dove’s exact shade of Ash Blonde, a color you’ll be challenged to find anywhere else. “What really sold me on them after that, after I knew I loved their products, was how much creative control I really was given. All of the packaging was designed by me, the hair colors were personally picked by me. Like I came to this location that we’re at right now, I looked at their color wheel, I said I want this, this, and this, I showed them photos. And the lashes were designed by me as well. I drew them, I named them, it’s all me.” The names include fun call outs like Mochachino Brown, Hershey’s Brown, and Mermaid Red in the extensions. You can get her eyelashes in She Creature, Muse, or Bisous Bisous.

But she wasn’t just part of the creative process — she flexed her business sense muscles, too. “I always had a mind for business. I actually wanted to go get my business degree before I wanted to be an actress,” she admitted, inspired by the fact that her parents co-owned their own jewelry company where they acted as CEOs. “Being at the head of a company, even for a short amount of time, and being the one being like, ‘No, I don’t like this,’ or doing all the approvals or quality control and things like that, that’s been super fun for me because I feel like I’ve always kind of wanted that anyway.”

One of those business calls? Going with clip-in extensions rather than any of the other options. “Clip-ins are the most universal,” the singer and newly-minted entrepreneur explained. “Anybody can use them, anybody can do them themselves, you don’t have to go to a salon to get them done… [If] you have a special occasion, you want to go to a prom, you can’t always go and get individual extensions. Let’s say that you don’t live near a salon. Or you don’t want to pay for someone to put them in.” Or take them out again later. And we have to say, we tried them — and we were totally obsessed.

But we also took our chance with Dove to gab about a few other things. On the topic of her role in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she couldn’t say much. But she did joke with us that she’s still holding out hope for that Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot. And, of course, we had to ask the mystery of her ever changing height. The secret? “My heels are magic,” she joked. We believe it.

You can check out Dove’s whole line at BellamiHair.com. She’s got ten different hair extension colors and three different styles of lashes. Naturally, we need everything. (Okay, we probably just need one color of extensions. But wouldn’t it be kind of cool to work those mermaid red tresses into our own locks?) Want to see them in action? Check out our video trying out the extensions below.

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