This could be a hot take, but Billie Eilish might just be *the* queen of selfies. The pop star has posted so many mirror selfies in the past few years, and she serves in absolutely every single one! Keep reading to see some of her very best.

Billie began her music career when she was 16 years old after her song “Ocean Eyes” blew up in 2016 — and she has been nonstop ever since! The Grammy and Oscar award winner has soared into the spotlight and fans just can’t get enough! Billie, 20, recently spoke about growing up in an interview with the Guardian in December 2021.

I was always very scared of getting older – I dreaded it,” she said. “And honestly, I have almost only found, besides a few hiccups, that I’ve been enjoying just having a little adulthood. Doing things for the first time like getting gas and doing laundry and calling your doctor on your own.” She laughed. “Normal shit! Not necessarily fun, but it’s exciting, isn’t it, just being a human.”

The “bad guy” singer released her first album in March 2019 called When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Following the debut album’s massive success, her second one wouldn’t come until July 2021, titled Happier Than Ever.

She told The Guardian that the second album, however, made her “super-worried.” Why? “The bigger you get, the more people hate your guts.” She felt this too when her brother and music collaborator Finneas released his debut solo album in October 2021. “I said, ‘Don’t forget what you felt when you first made this. You loved it.’ I think that we should all love our art the way that we loved it when we first made it, you know.”

Billie has gotten used to dealing with online hatred, especially since dealing with the ridiculous backlash after posting her Marilyn Monroe-styled U.K. Vogue cover on Instagram in May 2021. It received one million likes in less than six minutes. “It was so much fun, that shoot. It was playing dress-up, you know?”

She found it funny when some people responded to the shoot by saying she had become a different person. “I’m just playing around! You know, I’m allowed to wear anything I want at any time and so is everyone else. That was a fun thing to put out there in the world. You’re allowed to change. You’re also allowed to not change. You’re allowed to wear anything and say anything and do anything and be anything.” Preach!

Scroll through our gallery to see Billie’s best selfie moments.

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